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TV Shows Told Us Measles Were No Big Deal! We Woke Up and Will Not Comply!

Back when I was growing up, TV told a lot more truth than it does today.  It's gotten worse and worse as the decades rolled by.   In this great video above, you'll see many TV shows from the Flintstones to the Brady Bunch and others where Measles was joked about and was NOT a big deal at all!   In fact, it was just a part of growing up.  Your body learned how to destroy the Measles quickly and that was it!   Enter today's reality where you have Fox News and the rest of the paid liars on TV telling you to get your vaccines and Measles is a very big deal indeed!  They spread FEAR and they tell you it's so SCARY and you must RUN to get your Measles vaccine immediately.   Even our President is telling people to get the vaccines.  Did Trump hit his head or have they drugged him?   Because I know Trump knows a lot more about vaccines than he's telling.   Trump called out the Flu Vaccine as a TOTAL HOAX!   He hired RFK Jr to look into the safety of vaccines but nothing ever came of it!

Here's the clip on that where Trump says that the people who get the flu vaccine gets the flu while he NEVER got the flu vaccine and never got the flu!   Trump KNOWS the vaccines are a SCAM!  Is he being threatened now?

Trump said in the clip that he doesn't like injecting bad stuff into his body!   Why now tell us to do the same President Trump?   Did somebody get to you?  Regardless we still love you Mr President but bring out the truth on the vaccines and don't tell us to get those scam vaccines!   It's OUR choice and nobody can force us to inject!  This is America not North Korea!  We will not be bulled and threatened to inject poison by known liars!    George Washington, our founding father would have hung anybody who threatened people to inject vaccines into somebody against their will!   Sadly, I believe Barron Trump was probably damaged by vaccines as so many others have been.  You can't make us give up our guns and you can't make us take vaccines against our will!   

So I don't know why Trump is telling people it's very important to get their vaccines but I certainly won't ever be complying by taking a single vaccine for the rest of my life because I know the system is a fraud!  I also know evil people at the top are most likely putting slow kill cancer viruses and other weapons into the vaccines.  The doctors and nurses are just useful idiots who got trained by Rockefeller funded colleges to push vaccines to make Rockefeller rich!  Most of them are so naive they don't even know Rockefeller took over the entire M.D. system!    If doctors were so smart why do they die earlier than other professions?   

I will never trust a system that ignores all natural cures while only pushing Big Pharma expensive garbage that never cures anything.  I don't care what their excuse is and what type of biowarfare agent they begin spreading around to justify more vaccines.  I will just use natural things like APeX with disease killing oxygen and silver and the other natural cures I speak about in my free ebook "Suppressed Health Secrets" and I'll put my faith in the Lord.  The inventor of APeX hasn't been sick in 16 years!   Every person who gets flu vaccine seems to get sick every year in my observation!  Even President Trump agrees with me!  

I'll take my chances with things that have kept me from getting sick for many years now and don't have nasty new world order surprises like mercury and aluminum in them!   Call me crazy!   I mean I'm 54 years old and growing up didn't know anybody autistic and we only got 3 shots!   Now they tell us about 1 in 80 people or so have Autism and they want to give babies about 70 shots by the time they reach 18 years old!   Soon they say 1 in 2 people will have Autism!  Maybe by then they'll be given 150 vaccines!   

Medical Doctors Die Sooner than General Population!

"This is not the first time that a research showed that the life expectancy of the doctors is less than that of the general population. Previously, in 2010, the Indian Medical Association's (IMA) Pune noted that an Indian doctor's average lifespan is 55-59 years -- almost 10 years lesser than the general population.

The conclusion was made on the basis of the analysis of the association's social security scheme (SSS) with 5,500 doctors from Maharashtra and over 10,000 from across the country registered.

At that time, IMA Pune chapter's president Dr Dilip Sarda told DNA: "An average Indian lives up to 69-72 years whereas a doctor lives only up to 55 to 59 years which is shocking. It was noticed that most early deaths were due to cardiac arrest."

So clearly doctors and nurses do not have all the answers and are being used to kill us and hurt us unknowingly in most cases I'm sure!   You know what the true definition of a conspiracy theorist is?   Somebody who doesn't believe known liars!  So me and all the other people out there who see truth and no longer believe known liars will not be taking your Measles vaccine because the Brady Bunch says you're a bunch of liars!  In fact many of us won't be taking your "free" flu vaccines or any other scam vaccine you make up because you're known liars and you were trained by an evil man named John D. Rockefeller who never took a single Pharmaceutical in his entire life but pushed them on all of us and his family owns part of every Pharmaceutical company in the world!   Wake up doctors and nurses.  You got scammed but it's never to late to wake up!

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