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Why Call Jesus "Saviour Of The World" .. If You Don't Believe It?

Wherever one finds hypocrisy in the form of false expressions, especially in the field of religion, one can be assured that deceiving spirits and the teachings of demons are afoot.

This is a simple, objective, foolproof test set forth by the apostle Paul.

Today I will apply this test to the world’s most popular religion. One of the most auspicious expressions (it is, in fact, an assertion) of the Christian religion is— “Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world.” And this— “Jesus Christ took away the sins of the world.” If it can be shown that the Christian religion—its heralds and teachers—in fact does not believe these things (that is, if these expressions are proven to be hypocritical), then the influence of demons and deceiving spirits will be established.

THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD? Christianity, in fact, does not believe that Jesus Christ either did, or will, save the world. Just ask any Christian about this. A Savior of the world must save the world. The scorer of the winning goal in the World Cup must do one thing: What is it? He must score the winning goal  If Jesus is the Saviour Of The World there is only one condition: He must save the whole world: If not please stop calling him the Savior of the World: It is a false expression:

Yet the Christians assert that a good portion of the world will suffer in hell for eternity for rejecting Christ. How can this be, if Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world? Please read on. The Christians don’t actually believe that Jesus Christ saved the world at Calvary; they merely say that He did.

This assertion, then—concerning Jesus Christ being the Savior of the world—is a false expression. In fact, when you get down to what christians really believe you may be shocked: They believe that the “Christ” of Christianity saved no one, not a single person. How can this be? How could whole of mankind use expressions they don’t believe? Here is why:

Christians consider the cross of Christ to be a mere offer of salvation (rather than a saving act in and of itself) They have been led to believe that the offer must be accepted in order for it to become real: The offer they say  must be accepted by a human in order for the salvation to “kick in.” Jesus did His part on the cross, but it wasn’t enough. (This is the dirty little secret of Christianity, that the cross was not enough.

Christians will never admit this openly. They will say, “The cross was sufficient,” but will then follow it with: “The cross requires human acceptance,” thus proving that they in fact do not believe that the cross was enough.) If the cross was enough, then everyone would be saved in spite of themselves. Wouldn’t they? And yet, as any Christian will tell you, everyone is not saved.  Yet in Romans 5 I read that God was conciliated by the death of Jesus: Listen to that again: God was conciliated by the actual death of Jesus whether man believes it or not:

The underbelly of the Christian confession—again, something that they will rarely declare on the surface—is that salvation depends, ultimately, not on Christ, but on the supposed human ability to execute a wise decision concerning Christ. The Christian confession that “Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world,” turns out to be a lie. What they really mean is that “Jesus Christ is the potential Savior of the world.” If they would only advertise it this way, then they would not be hypocrites. If only they would say, “Jesus Christ saved no one at the cross; He only made salvation possible for everyone. The thing that actually saves you is your faith in the cross,” then they would not be hypocrites.

My position is that Jesus is indeed the Savior of the World: I believe that just as in Adam all die then in Christ all will be vivified: This may take hundreds of thousands of years for some (end of new heaven and new earth eon) but eventually God will be All In All:

At the end  of all the ages and of all eons the following will apply:

  • All will experience salvation
  • All will be justified  (Rom 5:18).
  • All who were estranged will be reconciled (Col 1:20)
  • All Death itself or the absence of Life will be abolished (2 tim 2:19; 1 Cor 15:26)
  • All sin will be repudiated, or put away for good! (Heb 9:26)
  • All will be vivified (1 Cor 15:22 & 1 Tim 613) (Filled to the fullest with Holy Spirit!)
  • All of the kingdom will be handed over by Jesus to the Father

God will be All In All (1 Cor 15:28)

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