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Wildfire... Anti-Vaccination Movement Burning United States..

CDC, Health Departments, Vaccine Makers, AstroTurfers,. Whimpering, Trembling, Panicking, for Good Reason...

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016


California Senator Richard Pan probably thought he was headed for the Presidency of the United States, carried into office on mountains of drug lord money, once he successfully pushed through America's first Mandatory Vaccine law, SB277, in California, last year.

No one in the Pan ranks EVER, I think, counted on the reaction Americans would take to forcefully injecting American children with "Made-in-China," un-tested for use, toxic death pus mixtures, claiming them to be "Safe and Effective."  And, that reaction is huge, and growing larger yet every day.  Good.

Safe and Effective?

Vaccines are no such thing.  Never have been.  Never will be.   It is all a huge money making murderous child-damaging scam.

But public sense of reality is turning. Activist groups are making sure that happens.  If we do this right we should be able to shut down the entire US Childhood Vaccine Program within five (5) years.  How?  Easy.  Simple campaigning. Like the billboard recently put up on the Oakland Bay Bridge shown below.  Why?  (smile here).

The Oakland Bay Bridge connects downtown San Francisco with Oakland and other communities across Oakland Bay.  In fiscal year 2014/2015 over Forty Million vehicles (40,172,000) crossed this bridge.  Average two people per vehicle and over eighty million (80,000,000) people were looking out their car windows...

Get the idea?

And, the campaigns are just getting rolling.  Already, California State Health Department sociopaths are/were fear screeching after similar  billboards were placed around this year's football Super Bowl location.  Read this article in the San Jose Mercury News.  In part, it said:

"Billboards questioning the safety of vaccines have popped up over the past couple of months from Berkeley and San Francisco to North Fair Oaks, a largely Latino community in southern San Mateo County. More went up in January in the San Jose area to coincide with Super Bowl 50, which has drawn tens of thousands of visitors to the South Bay."

Groups are gathering money all over California for more billboards.  And more of everything.

The war for California is on.

More of Everything?

Oh yeah...

It has just started.  What's next?  The sky is the limit.

My suggestion to some of the "No on SB277" groups is to get right in the face of authority over vaccine damage issues.  How? 

For One Thing - A Tee Shirt Campaign...

The biggest official cover-up, in the vaccine issue, is the actual amount of vaccine damage that has been caused.   One in six US children have been neurologically damaged in recent years.    One in 45 US children now have Autism.  ADD/ADHD levels are over the top.  Asthma is so prevalent now, it seems almost normal. Of course it is all from childhood vaccines.  Forty-nine (49) vaccines, are required, from zero to three years old? 

So, why hide those children?  Go public in a big way.  Get a group together, design a common tee-shirt color and message (This Child Is Vaccine Damaged) and make plans for public demonstrations that the groups will then video for FaceBook.  Like where?

(1)  A hundred children, with parents, showing up at any Shopping Mall on a Saturday, wearing those Tee-shirts, with message, will put a CLEAR, STRONG MESSAGE into the hearts and minds of EVERY mother there shopping for their own children. Make sure they get seen.  Have your videographers capture the looks on the those mother's faces.  Video the Mall Security Guards reactions.  Hopefully, some Mall Management dumb-ass will demand that the children be removed.  Bring the media.  Even if they don't show up - send them video.  They all have ways to receive clips.

(2)  The California Medical Board has four public meetings a year, all over the State.  Take two hundred Tee-shirted vaccine damaged children there and TURN THEM LOOSE during the meeting. Plan on doing all four meetings.  Every parent can demand their three minutes to speak to the Board.  What about?  Ask the Board to (a) officially ban the Pediatrician's "Well Baby Program," pointing out that these children are the direct result of that program. (b)  Ask the Board to adopt a policy to immediately suspend the license of any MD that dies not carefully explain to parents what damage each vaccine has been known to cause (package inserts) for a first offense, and permanent termination of license, and felony arrest, for a second offense. 

Of course the Board will not properly respond the FIRST time they get confronted.  The Board Staff will tell you to leave.  Don't do that.  Video them telling you that - then complain to the Department of Consumer Affairs and your legislators about that - and that will not happen again.  Demand to be on the Board's regular Agenda with your issues - and then prepare with details.  The fur will fly.  Why?  Doctors are kept in the dark about vaccine damage too.  These Medical Board Members will walk out of that meeting, and go back to their normal world with an entirely different view of vaccines, because of what they saw in front of them that day.  And, all of those Medical Board members were appointed by the Governor, or others, because they are leaders in various facets of the MD community.  Word of that action in front of the Board will spread like wildfire throughout the medical community.  ALL doctors know how dangerous drugs really are.  It will be a surprise to most of them that vaccines are exempt (but not really) from harm disclosure.

(3)  Take a hundred children, in Tee-shirts, to every School Board meeting in the State.  Demand to be on the Agenda FIRST.  Scream at them that "this is what your forced vaccination program is causing..."  Do not sit in the back.  Don't let them make you wait until the end of the meeting.  Walk the children up front for everyone to see.  Get everyone's attention.  Video, video, video...

(4)  New children's movie in town?  Line up in front at peak movie time.  Video, video, video... 

(5)  Officially ask Disneyland, in Anaheim, to sponsor a "Vaccine Damaged Children's Day"  with FREE entry for those children and accompanying parents.  Wear Tee-Shirts.  And, if "Disneyland says "No...."  They'll have a Public Relations nightmare...  We'll make sure they do... since, that stupid, fake, story about measles started with them.

(6)  Anyplace where parents and children gather for an event.  Be there.  Make everyone SEE WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON.

There is a lot more coming...

Is it worth the trouble?  Oh yeah.  The sociopaths at the State Health Department, those that know, full well, how dangerous those vaccines really are, and still push them, so as to get more bucks into their budgets, are holding statewide meetings to try to do something, anything, to push back the growing anti-vaccine assault.

For instance - The pro-vaccine clusters are seriously concerned at how well they are being backed into a corner on Social Media..  Look at the graphic on the left.  The pink are the anti-vaxxers (like me). The blue are the vaccine choice people.  The turquoise are political conservatives (again, like me), and the gold are those in the autism world.

The green area, that little stink clump in the lower right hand corner, represents the pro-vaxxers...

Are you getting the picture? 

Read some of those names in the pink area.  Recognize those names?  Of course you do.  THAT'S US!   The bigger the name, in size, the more they fear it.  Congrats to "TannersDad" Timothy Welsh.  You're the man...

And, by the way, I got this graphic from "them."  From their webpage advertising a webinar.  No matter how they color that webinar, for them, the message is coming out "we are losing this argument badly."  Here is a clip from their page:

Shifting the Narrative graphic

"Join us in the latest webinar in the Health Communication Matters Series with Jeanine Guidry, academic researcher at Virginia Commonwealth University, and Renee DiResta, co-founder of Vaccinate California. In the first presentation, Jeanine will lead us in an exploration of the role of social media in public health communications, and the use of visual social media in vaccine-themed discourse. Then, Renee will take us on a deeper dive into the discourse surrounding vaccines and show how despite being in the minority, anti-vax groups have been leveraging social media. Renee’s “opposition research” can help inform public health community experts to better understand the tactics of the opposition, and learn how they themselves can leverage these platforms to get pro-immunization messages to key audiences."

Too bad they aren't having this meeting at a location.  It would be great fun to take a team there and dump a wheelbarrow, or two, of fresh horse s*** in front of their podium.

Time to turn up the heat...


Stay tuned. 

Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate

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