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Microsoft Kinect Detects Ghosts! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

The camera that comes with the Microsoft XBOX Kinect system can actually see demons!  Demons are being seen with these Kinect cameras all over the world.  People are even interacting with them.  

I always heard these Xbox Kinect cameras were very advanced and could see well in the infrared spectrum.  When people say they are seeing "ghosts", they are really seeing demons.   It's quite dangerous actually if you do not believe Jesus is Lord and the Bible is truth.

The Bible says you only die once and after that face Judgement.

Hebrews 9:27

And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment,

Since God's word is 100% truth there cannot be "ghosts" which are claimed to be dead people still walking the Earth.  God's words says this is impossible.   So if you believe in "Ghosts" you are actually calling God a liar! Calling God a liar or doubting any part of his Word when it's been proven 100% accurate is foolish.  I'm sure this article will get me lots of hate email from the new agers and the David Wilcock "good aliens are here to save us" crowd and that's totally okay!  Maybe I can wake some of them up by showing the anointed Word God can heal anybody.

God's word says there are spirit beings both good and bad in the world.  There are only two types of spirit beings - angels and demons.  Angels are used by God to deliver messages and help others.  They appear when they need to deliver a message or give somebody aid.   When they appear, they look as real and solid as normal people.   In fact, all of us have probably interacted with an angel on Earth and never even known it!  

Some people claim to be able to see angels all the time.   One thing is certain from reading the Bible.  Angels don't just come to your house unseen, watch TV and lounge out on the couch!  You actually see a demon relaxing on the couch in the video!

Angels have important work to do!   Angels allowed themselves to be seen.  They always spoke truth which was later verified.  Angels cannot tell lies.  Demons are the ones who lie and impersonate the dead.  Demons have the time to lay around on your couch while they influence you! 

Demons are fallen angels, angels who rebelled against God. Demons are evil, deceptive, and destructive. According to 2 Corinthians 11:14-15, demons can also masquerade as “angels of light” and as “servants of righteousness.” Appearing as a “ghost” and impersonating a deceased human would only be done by a demon. 

2 Corinthians 11:14-15

And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. 15 So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds.

This Xbox Kinect might be the first inexpensive way to see a demon.   I feel its important for people to know demons are all around us!  They are absolutely real!  We normally can't see these demons but it seems our technology is getting so advanced we'll be seeing them more and more.  The only danger comes if you do not believe in the Bible and Jesus Christ.  Without the protection of Jesus, these demons can influence you, torment you and even possess you in some instances especially drug use.

I've seen a demon myself and it was completely visible to me.  It looked just like one of the short grey aliens with the big heads many others have seen.  At first I thought it was an intruder in my room and was about to reach for a weapon.  Then I noticed this intruder was only about 4 feet tall!  I saw this demon when I woke up suddenly out of a very bad dream.  I woke up, sat up in bed quickly and saw this creature at the foot of my bed looking right at me with these big black eyes!  I had the distinct impression it was feeding on the fear from the dream and wasn't expecting me to wake up and look right at it! I saw it clearly for about five  seconds and then it disappeared slowly within a few more seconds.  For some reason I wasn't even scared of it.  I believe God let me see this creature so I would never doubt demons were real and all around us.

If you're a Christian and believe the Bible is 100% truth, demons are not allowed to physically harm you so you don't need to fear them.  You can cast them out in the name of Jesus and should do so quickly.   What people claim are "aliens" are demons also.  There are no good "aliens" either.  There are only demons pretending to be good just as God said satan disguises himself as an Angel of light!  

All aliens are demons and that's why they can be cast out in the name of Jesus!  Did you know anytime a person has asked for help during an alien abduction, the abduction stopped!   Watch the video "Unholy Communion" for the truth on this.  That's why the Illuminati are so focused on killing every Christian.  For as long as any Christian lives, their demon aliens buddies will be cast off the Earth anytime they're seen!  God will rip them out of the skies whenever a Christian asks him to do it.  The Illuminati know this is true and that's why they hate Jesus and Christians so much.    

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