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Does this frantic Youtuber's video hold the key to everything?  He says the Demon Dracos eat kids and the Vatican helps them!   He covers some pretty interesting material including a picture of what is claimed to be the head of a Draco!   Don't know if the picture is legit but you can't argue with most of the material!    I believe this video more than anything I'd see on Fox News or the rest of the liars that's for sure because they won't touch ANY material covered here really even though most of it can easily be proven!   When any type of media or news source won't touch certain subjects you KNOW are true then get away from them because they're worthless and keeping you in a box for control.  They are being paid to lie to you and control you.  It's why I can't stand listening to Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh or Tucker Carlson anymore.   Maybe I've "ascended" or maybe I just see the game better now.

To me watching Fox News is like eating 5% Rat Poison instead of the other mainstream sources who are 15% rat poison!  In the end what does it matter?  They're all liars and are paid very well to control me and keep me in a box they control so I'm not asking the real questions they won't touch!   They all want me to take their poison vaccines, eat their deadly GMOs which Russia outlawed,  get the 5G kill grid phone!  They all tell me how the Federal Reserve is such a great deal for us!   When Glenn Beck who I really don't care for at all told the truth about the Federal Reserve scam on Fox News his top rated show was cancelled immediately!  How can anybody reward this type of evil by watching them simply because "they're better than the other guys!".    I believe good patriots watching Fox News simply because they tell more truth is part of the problem!  Don't accept partial truth!

Many people don't believe in bad aliens but I'm the opposite - I don't believe in good aliens!  I think they are all evil and have an agenda to take us away from God's word and slip in some disinformation.    If some hot blonde Nordic alien female can convince you her race created you then they've already won your soul at that moment because you doubt God's word and put the alien demon above God.  Demons can disguise themselves as beautiful human looking aliens I have no doubt!   Why wouldn't they?  That way they get the new agers to fall into  the trap!

The only thing we can trust in this crazy world is God's word which is why THEY want it destroyed and taken out of everything.   Isn't it obvious now when Obama and Hillary and the other snakes slithering around out there attack Christians at every chance they get!   Isn't it becoming more and more obvious that Christ is the key and the one thing they can't stand!   It's like sunlight to a vampire!   I don't think they're alien demons can walk the Earth freely as long as Christians are around to pray them away.  That's why they are frantically trying to kill us as fast as they can.

Anything these demonic people on my TV are against - Jesus, guns, gold, freedom - I want more of!   And anything they are for - fluoride, vaccines, GMOs, Federal Reserve etc I am against!   Do the opposite of whatever they are trying to push you into on TV and the movies and that's almost always the right answer!  It's a sad world we live in but we need to be aware of what they're doing so we can not react so much to it!   W need to laugh and mock their lies and their attempts to get us to fight at every opportunity!  

The aliens are the real threat - the alien demons!  They are always trying to get us to fight among ourselves.  It's just like the Star Trek episode that somebody made a very good video about below!   This is really good!

If you think about it, everything they do is to get us to hate each other and cause conflict!    Joe Jordan, a MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) director discovered that only the name of Jesus stops alien abductions.  He was an atheist at the time and only came to Christ later!   He was not allowed to speak at ANY UFO conference about Jesus stopping alien abductions!  What does that tell you!   See it's okay if you talk about the hot blonde Nordic alien here to give us free energy but the UFO conferences will NOT permit you to say you have dozens of cases where alien abductions were stopped in the name of Jesus!   Now do you understand why they don't want you to be a Christian and why Google will not even acknowledge Christians on Easter Sunday but will gladly acknowledge every other obscure holiday on the planet?

Art Bell - Area 51 Caller Warns of the Alien Threat before they cut the feed!

Above you'll hear probably the wildest call Art Bell ever got from somebody who said they worked at Area 51.  He tried to warn about the alien threat!   Somebody took the satellite offline from this one!   I believe this caller was absolutely real and was telling the truth!  It's all about control!   You've been warned!   I'm not telling you to be afraid since Jesus wasn't afraid even though he knew how and when he would be killed. Be wise and aware of what's going on!  Don't fall into their traps of getting you all riled up anymore.  Remember the Star Trek episode and these demons lose their power!   These demons are a one trick pony!  It's all about divide and conquer with things like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, etc.     The only people who won't be able to agree the Federal Reserve is a total scam are government agents so if you ever get one of them walk away because they're paid to be stupid.

Let's start reaching out to all races and political beliefs with things we can all agree on like Ending the Federal Reserve scam and bringing out the free energy that our Fake News has hidden from us!  Start telling people that the News and media only want us to fight so they maintain control.  It's just like the Star Trek episode but we need to join hands with one another and laugh at these scum and get them off our planet!

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