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Unitarian Universalists believe more than one thing. We think for ourselves, and reflect together, about important questions:

The existence of a Higher Power

Life and Death

Sacred Texts

Inspiration and Guidance

Prayer and Spiritual Practices

We are united in our broad and inclusive outlook, and in our values, as expressed in our seven Principles. We are united in shared experience: our open and stirring worship services, religious education, and rites of passage; our work for social justice; our quest to include the marginalized; our expressions of love. Source:

Protestant - Protestants believe in the Holy Trinity, and in life hereafter. Protestants do not believe in praying to saints, the use of indulgences or the existence of purgatory. They believe that absolution of sins can be obtained by prayer alone. Protestants believe in salvation by faith alone (Sola fide) rather than by faith plus its resulting good works of charity. They believe that the sacrifice of Christ was sufficient for salvation. Protestants follow essentially the same Bible as Catholics minus the Deuterocanonicals/Apocrypha. Jesus and the Apostles used the Old Testament with the seven books in question included. Source: Protestants believe in the Trinity..that God is made up of three parts...God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. That we are all sinners and since sin cannot enter Heaven God sent His Son to pay for our sins. When a person accepts that free gift and repent of their sins, they are saved, filled with the Holy Spirit and free from the bondage of sin. They believe Jesus will one day return to judge the living and the dead in the Second Coming. They believe Jesus died for their sins, rose from the dead and currently is sitting at the right hand side of God. Source:

Calvary Chapel - Baptism - Calvary Chapel practices believer's baptism of people who are old enough to understand the significance of the ordinance. A child may be baptized if the parents can testify to his or her ability to understand the meaning and purpose of baptism.

Bible - Calvary Chapel beliefs are in "the inerrancy of Scripture, that the Bible, Old and New Testaments, is the inspired, infallible Word of God." Teaching from Scripture is at the heart of these churches.

Communion - Communion is practiced as a memorial, in remembrance of Jesus Christ's sacrifice on the cross. Bread and wine, or grape juice, are unchanged elements, symbols of Jesus' body and blood.

Gifts of the Spirit - "Many Pentecostals think Calvary Chapel is not emotional enough, and many fundamentalists think Calvary Chapel is too emotional," according to Calvary Chapel literature. The church encourages the exercise of gifts of the Spirit, but always decently and in order. Mature church members may lead "afterglow" services where people can use gifts of the Spirit.

Heaven, Hell - Calvary Chapel beliefs hold that heaven and hell are real, literal places. The saved, who trust in Christ for the forgiveness of sins and redemption, will spend eternity with him in heaven. Those who reject Christ will be eternally separated from God in hell.

Jesus Christ - Jesus is fully human and fully God.

Christ died on the cross to atone for humanity's sins, was bodily resurrected through the power of the Holy Spirit, ascended into heaven, and is our eternal intercessor.

New Birth - A person is born again when he or she repents of sin and accepts Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior. Believers are sealed by the Holy Spirit forever, their sins are forgiven, and they are adopted as a child of God who will spend eternity in heaven.

Salvation - Salvation is a free gift offered to all through the grace of Jesus Christ.

Second Coming - Calvary Chapel beliefs say that the second coming of Christ will be "personal, pre-millennial, and visible." Calvary Chapel holds that "the church will be raptured before the seven-year tribulation period described in Revelation chapters 6 through 18."

Trinity - Calvary Chapel teaching on the Trinity says God is One, eternally existing in three separate Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Source:

Seventh-Day Adventist - Seventh-day Adventism is a sect of Christianity that believes, among other things, that worship services should be conducted on the “seventh day” (the Sabbath) instead of on Sunday. There seems to be different "degrees" of Seventh-day Adventism. Some Seventh-day Adventists believe identically to orthodox Christians, other than holding to the Saturday Sabbath. Other Adventists, however, go much further into other doctrines. Other doctrines in Seventh-day Adventism include the teaching that Satan is the “scapegoat” and will bear believers’ sins (The Great Controversy, p. 422, 485)—this is the opposite of what the Bible says about who bore our sins (1 Peter 2:24). Seventh-day Adventism also identifies Jesus as Michael the archangel (Jude 1:9, Clear Word Bible, published by Review and Herald Publishing Association, 1994)—a doctrine that denies the true nature of Christ—and teaches that Jesus entered a second phase of His redemptive work on October 22, 1844, as prophesied by Hiram Edson. Seventh-Day Adventism is a diverse movement, and not all SDA groups hold to all the doctrines mentioned above. A person can be an advocate of Seventh-day Adventism and still be a believer. Source:

For those desiring to know more of Seventh-Day Adventism, here is a source:

Personal: I was born again in 1984. As a newbie in Christ I regularly attended services at a Calvary Chapel and a Baptist church in the same day. Sometimes I would attend a service for a second time that day to enjoy again the worship, and to see if the message had changed. I had a great time and learned a lot.

I was a fervent reader of all holy scriptures and learned to identify correct/incorrect teachings given from the pulpit. It is difficult for one who reads the bible with a desire to understand what the bible is teaching, to be persuaded by incorrect or even false teaching from the pulpit. Those who do not recognize correct teaching, will most probably fall to false teaching, thereby probably not obtaining heaven. That’s my opinion.

At Calvary Chapel some of the teaching was that all Christians would be raptured in a pre-millennial event. Later on the Holy Spirit led me to the truth of the matter that only the bride of Messiah Jesus would be involved in that “catching away” event. The “wise” brides go to heaven. The “foolish” brides go into the tribulation that immediately follows after the removal of the dead in Messiah and the removal of the wise virgin brides. The pastor also taught that upon obtaining salvation that all my sins past, present and future were forgiven through Jesus’ death and resurrection. The Holy Spirit showed me that the part about present and future sins being forgiven was not correct. I realized that the doctrine of once saved always saved was not correct.

I have already written on who the bride is and about the false doctrine of once saved always saved. I did this in December 2017, I believe.

The churches I have included in this forum posting are but a sample of churches claiming to be Christian churches. I can’t identify which one is the church Jesus stated was His church. Can you? I don’t know the exact name of the church congregation you may be attending, but is it the church Jesus stated is His church? I hope so for your spiritual well being.

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But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law....

Now the works of the flesh are evident, 

which are adultery fornication, uncleanness, lewdness,

idolatry, sorcery, hatred, contentions, jealousies,

outbursts of wrath, selfish ambitions, dissensions, heresies, envy,

murders, drunkenness, revelries, and the like;

of which I (Paul the Apostle) tell you beforehand,

just as I also told you in time past, that those who 

practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God. 

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering,

kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control,

against such there is no law. Those who are Christ's

have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.

If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.

Let us not become conceited, provoking one another,

envying one another.

Galatians 5:18-26

{Sorcery: "Pharmakia;" Primarily mentioned as one of the "works of the flesh." In "sorcery" the use of drugs. Blue Letter Bible. Galatians 5:20}

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