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Download My Strategy Guide on Making $200 Per Day!   Be sure to see the "Bet Robot" section #5 in my ebook!   You can email or better yet, send a Skype Message to Skype ID: ProjectNsearch for any questions.  Skype gives you access to our trainers who walk you through everything!


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Strategy Guide for Making $200 Per day While Working Just Minutes Per Day!

Download my Strategy Guide for making extra money online in PDF format. (updated 5-20-17)!


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To get full information on the new free energy device shown in this video, simply Sign Up to Project Nsearch using your Email or Facebook.  You must click the confirmation email sent to you.  Be sure to check your spam folder and whitelist us!  Then login and visit the "Bonuses" menu option available to members.   You can contact the companies directly!  Email if you have any problems.

How To Fund Our Programs

Get COINBASE Account and put in $100 to get $10 in free Bitcoin

I also recommend you get a Blockchain account at and as a backup.  


The ONLY Programs I recommend in my Strategy Guide right now.  Make sure you read the guide for very important details!

Get TONS of LEADS and Referrals with MoneyLine and FutureNet!

A great first step is JOIN the MoneyLine system so you get over 600 leads per day.  I strongly recommend you join for free and then upgrade to BRONZE immediately.  It's only $20 one time to be able to message 20 of your over 600 leads per day at a time instead of one!  It's a no brainer unless you don't value your own time!  I went to Diamond in this program.  If you can afford it, get to Platinum as soon as you can since you get to email your list once per month.  Being in MoneyLine will help you get referrals to make the programs we use even more effective!  Plus you can advertise MoneyLine on many of the programs we use to make money essentially for free!


Watch Video on MoneyLine and JOIN my team here!

Watch this video on how to use this system


FutureNet is a social network filled with people who want to make money so I HIGHLY recommend you get into it and at least come in for a $10 matrix position to start.   You can also make money with this as I'm doing by Viewing 10 ads per day.  

Join My FutureNet Team Here:

Watch this Video to see some of the basics and how to buy a Matrix position for either $10, $35, $85, $185 or more.  Try to come in at the $85 level if you can but at least the $10 position so you can start marketing this program on the advertising platforms and building your team!  I love FutureNet because I can add hundreds of new friends per day without getting blocked!  They also never censor my posts.  So if I have 1000 friends, my posts go on all their feeds instead of just a small fraction like Facebook does!

FutureNet - Business plan - Watch Video

Go to the 13:00 minute mark to see how to buy a Matrix position.  

MoneyLine and FutureNet are recommended programs because they open you up to literally tens thousands of people that you can get into the programs below.  All these programs pay nice commission which will add to your profits.  Build your own personal networks with MoneyLine and FutureNet!  

Honorable Mentions

Cardio For Life! - Get healthy - cure high blood pressure and many other ailments with this wonderful product that worked for me!

Join my team here:

If you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol and you want to bring it down naturally or you just want an excellent vitamin mix to drink every day then Cardio for Life is my favorite! I recommend you try the powder for at least 6 months.  Also read my ebook for more details on how I got my own blood pressure down using this product.  I like the Orange flavor best. If you like the product like I do you'll want to advertise it on the RevShare programs.

Watch this video about the benefits of nitric oxide in your body. Cardio For Life creates massive Nitric Oxide!

Email me at with any questions you have on anything. I will continue posting training material in the “Training” menu option at also. You must be logged in to see this option.

I look forward to working with you soon!

Glenn Canady

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God's word speaks to give forgiveness, salvation, miracles, healing, signs and wonders, and the distribution of individual giftings through the work of the Holy Spirit.

"Not by might nor by power, but by my spirit, says the Lord of Hosts."  Zechariah 4:6

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