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Comment by tony neicho on July 6, 2017 at 9:32pm

The problem we are facing is pride. satan used pride to tempt eve with a notion that she could be like God. all mans woes are systemic to that pride proverbs 22:4 

Comment by Bayo Oladoye on June 13, 2017 at 12:53pm

The problem we are facing is greed. the same corporate greed destroying the country. We have an idea, and we want to become millionaires selling it.  Let's look at some recent successes stories in the world today, Netflix, and Amazon.  Both of these companies ran at a loss for 5 to 10 years getting themselves established.  Today majority of the world can't live without them, they are household names.  We have to have the same patience, but not at a loss.

First of all, instead of focussing on new inventions that cannot power a whole house yet, why not work together on the one that has been proven, going solar.  Tesla has powered the biggest building on the face of the earth batteries recharged by solar cells on the roof.  Tesla also powered a hole town with batteries stored in on site, recharged by solar nearly solar farm.  The only reason this not readily available for the masses is because of corporate greed. Solar installed contracted out, is still about $30 000.00 now for the average American home.  We know it should't be more than $10 000.00 to power the whole house, with power storage batteries.  In fact, I believe it can cost less than that if properly planned.  We can have our own solar cells, and our own expandable power wall (storing power) for night use.  You can start without batteries in the power wall. Just get as many solar cells, as you can afford.  Later, when ready,  add as many batteries as you want in the power pack, until  you are happy with the output.  

On, we can contact manufacturers, negotiate deals for our members.  organize installers, who will not charge (arm & leg) but be reasonable.  Some that don't even mind traveling for new installations.  If we provide a turnkey system for under Ten Thousand for the average home,  and let the owners over time, add as much storage batteries in the power wall as they want, that will be a win-win.  The only way we are going to win, is to make it turnkey affordable.  Going whole house turn key solar like this will drive people here, and reduce cost nationwide.

Comment by Wylieboy on May 19, 2017 at 6:17am
God bless u all keep up the hard work .
Comment by John Wanoa on April 9, 2012 at 10:27pm

We are a MOAI Brand Name Tidal Turbine Research and Development Share Company in Auckland New Zealand with new Innovation Idea of extracting power hydraulically from open seas outside of shipping lanes. We use a large Bridge Platform measuring 200m long x 40m wide by over 100m deep 4m and 2m steel legs securing the Platform to the rocky seabed floor of the Kermadek Trench situated up to 100 km off the East Coast of New Zealand. The Sea flows continually anti clockwise here in the colder water to Chile then up to the warm waters of the Equator up to Hawaii across to Samoa then Tonga Australia back to East Cape North Island New Zealand. The Sea travels at an average speed of between 5 and 15 knots speed, which gives us, guaranteed power. MOAI uses Super-conducting 100% Solid Hydrogen Super Conducting Magnetic Power Generator Motors designed by myself and Fuel Cells and Water Powered Fuel Engines and Water Filters designed by my Danish Business Partner. Our Products include Fuel Cells, Clean Water, Water Filtration, Water Engines, Water Powered Super Power Launches, Solid Hydrogen, Liquid Hydrogen Gas, National Grid Liquid Hydrogen Portable Power Stations, Heavy Lift Powered Helicopters and Aircraft, Fuel Storage, Wireless Power Systems, Transport Logistics, Deep Sea Fisheries and Tourism, etc. We are offering shareholders opportunity to purchase shares in the Company very soon. Shares range of 1 Trillion are offered at £1 minimum to join and Register their Name Address Vote details to get a Free gram of Gold. From here they can pay £1 a week to gain full membership of £25 a year or pay it off. This is a Private Treaty Agreement however all the information will appear online through twitter and facebook soon with simple to follow instructions. This is more like Free Energy of the Sea. Magnetic's and Water Power. The Product on the MOAI TIDAL Energy Bridge is Solid Hydrogen SH2 and Liquid Hydrogen LH2 store is Laminated Light Weight Fiber Metal Bottles 5o tons at a time flown back to land by Heavy Lift Helicopters also powered by Liquid Hydrogen. MOAI has a 100% Superconducting Engine Design Researched and ready to build under the MOAI Patent Brand Name along with my Danish Business partners Water Engine and Fuel Cell Technology 2012 Invention. We are currently talking to Investors for the Frequency Powered Water Engine ready to operate soon.

Comment by Janet Darlene Millien on March 7, 2012 at 8:24pm

About 6 years or so ago I was listening to a Paul Harvey Show on the radio as I was traveling in my car from Camden,  Arkansas to El Dorado, Arkansas.  One of his news stories was about some young inventors who had built what could be called an eternal battery.  I use the word battery because the device stored energy like a battery does.  The electric energy was stored on the surface of some kind of superthin, superlight material which could be folded over and over on itself or rolled up like say a toilet paper roll. The electricity could be stored on both sides of the sheet of material.  The inventors estimated that a device of such stored electricty the size of car battery would be able to run an electric car 3 to possibly 10 years.  The inventors said that the device would be ready for scientific scrutiny in just 3 years and have a practical, marketable device ready in one year after that and the cost of the device would cost about the same as a car battery. Also the device would be rechargeable.  The range of size and applications infinite.  Paul Harvey said he would follow the story and let everyone know what was happening as time went by.  I never heard another word about the device and inventors.  Has anyone ever heard of this device or know how to research Paul Harvey's shows?   I wish I could remember more about the inventors and where they developed the device.  I know no names were mentioned.  Please let me know if you've heard of this.

Comment by Larry David on February 29, 2012 at 3:15pm

Im all for free energy,but the movie Thrive is a scam

Also the company/person that registered has been involved with criminal activity on the internet.

Comment by Ken Haworth on February 26, 2012 at 9:04pm

Anyone who is interested in free energy devices should really take a look at John Searl's SEG model. It is quite impressive. He has even made many efforts to disclose most of the technology used so more people will pursue free energy devices. Another great resource is, they have tons of information regarding different hidden technologies.

Comment by lewis collins on February 26, 2012 at 11:01am

HAS ANYONE BUILT THIS DEVICE YET?????????????????????????????????

Comment by Ealadha on February 25, 2012 at 5:07am

If everyone in the world invented just one free energy machine !

Comment by Sheryl Adams on January 29, 2012 at 7:54am

My good friend Rev. James Harris has a very big plan on energy. He wants to help improve not only our

USA but the world. Please read all about it here, and see if you would like to be a big part of this plan.

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