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Are Our Future Sins Forgiven?

What did Jesus mean when He said, “It is finished”? (John 19:30).
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Glenn Canady replied to steve turnage's discussion saying hello !! in the group USA - Missouri Action Team
"Hi Steve. I was hoping that I could find people that would want to take action waking people up in each state but so far that has not happened.  I would love some help thinking of something else we could do with these groups.  Let me know…"
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saying hello !!

so whats new and going on with this group?See More
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USA - Missouri Action Team

This group is for residents of Missouri to meet each other, plan and take action with solutions.See More
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Palestinians Joy After Israel Agrees to Truce!

Glenn Canady"Learn the Secret to Eternal Life!"www.project.nsearch.comNote by Glenn:  My Facebook account is being messed by evil forces and…See More
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"Not by might nor by power, but by my spirit, says the Lord of Hosts."  Zechariah 4:6
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You can now listen to Nsearch Radio  7 days a week LIVE starting at 8pm EST (USA).  Be sure to REFRESH the page at 8pm EST to get the show live.  Nsearch Radio is a worldwide ministry that teaches about God and Jesus Christ in a fun and informative way.  Jesus is the key to everything!  

You may also listen on the phone during show times by calling our call in / listen line at (858) 683-1309.  Just hit the "1" button if you want to get on the show and ask a question!  Be sure to check out the Nsearch Schedule.

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About Project Nsearch and what to post here.

When Project Nsearch was first started by in January of 2010, it was a new type of news site that dealt with information not normally found on the mainstream news.  Nsearch Radio covered these same topics up until was launched in January of 2013 to reach people about God and his plan for us!  At that same time Nsearch Radio changed into a Christian based radio network that teaches about God in a fun and inspirational way and covers news from a Christian perspective.  We knew that Project Nsearch needed to change to help people by providing them with useful information concerning God, natural cures, free energy and other things which can help them.  God doesn't want us to be scared in these tough times, he wants us to have hope through him!   Project Nsearch is happy to announce these exciting changes officially began on October 14th 2013 when Project Nsearch was relaunched on it's mission to help others!

One thing that we have realized over the almost 4 years now is that God is the most important thing in all our lives whether we realize it right now or not.  Without God we have no hope at all in the world we live in today.  Many of our members have grown closer to God over the last few years also.  Wanting to glorify God in all we do is what led us to transform Project Nsearch into a beacon of light in world getting darker all the time.  We will no longer spread fear since it only gives free advertising for satan who wants people to feel hopeless.  The cure for fear and hopeless is Jesus Christ!

We hope that all of our old members will help us as we embark on this new journey to help and inspire others and ultimately bring others closer to God.  But even if you don't believe in God right now, that's okay!   You will of course always be welcome to post here if you want to help others in some way.

God wants us to help others and spread seeds so others may know God!  So the new Project Nsearch will be strictly focused on those goals.  We want any type of stories that inspire or provide hope.   There are thousands of sites out there that have 99% negative news but Project Nsearch is a website where you come to get the good news and the solutions!  

We are asking for everybody's help in posting stories that:

Inspire Hope

Help people with their health

Show people how they can save money, start a business, get a new job  etc

Show people working together

Allow others to know that God is real and loves us all!

We want our content to be evergreen and helpful.  In other words, the information you post today will be just as helpful and relevant today as it will be 3 years from now.  That's the major factor when posting.  Make the story something that will help others, give hope or inspire and that isn't based on politics or time frames.

To insure that we only get the right kind of stories and to make this site of higher quality, we will be moderating all submissions so we can insure all new content meets our new purpose.  We will do our best to approve all stories as soon as possible and usually within 12 hours.  

If you're a Christian already and want to help spread  seeds then we'd like your help on our ministry site, by posting and sharing content and also by posting Christian content on Project Nsearch.

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Thank you for your support and your decision to help others!  Sharing our stories with as many others as possible will help others learn about God and his plan for us all!  Be sure to share our stories through Facebook, Twitter and your own email lists.  Everything you share helps spreads more seeds!



Featured Articles & Videos to share with everybody you know!



The following information should be shared with as many people as possible because it is undeniable proof that God is real and that he is our only hope against satan.  


Ron Wyatt discovered Ark of the Covenant and Blood of Jesus!


Ron Wyatt was able to use science to prove 5 different stories in the Bible!  The Bible is God's word and it's been proven by over 2000 prophecies that came true!  Watch all of Ron's incredible videos on the Project Nsearch youtube channel.  They are very important to share because they give the scientific evidence for the stories of the Bible! Ron scientifically proved the following stories in the Bible using science: Noah's Ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, Ark of the Covenant, the Red Sea Crossing, Mount Sinai and he even discovered the Blood of Jesus!  Most Christians have never seen this amazing material because Satan controls the media!


Ron Wyatt finds the Blood of Jesus on the Ark of the Covenant!  When analyzed by Israeli scientists, they all converted to Christianity on the spot!  They found that this blood was very special.  Normally, blood has 23 chromosomes from the mother and 23 chromosomes from the father.  But when they analyzed this blood from the Ark, they found it had the normal 23 chromosomes from the mother (Mary) but only one Y Chromosome from the non human father (God)!  The blood was still alive!  Spread this video everywhere so people know that there is now scientific evidence that Jesus is the Son of God!   This information has been completely hidden from the world by the corrupt media!






US Marine Goes to Hell 


Shawn Weed, US Marine Veteran dies and goes to hell!  Hear his incredible story about what happened to him and why he was allowed to return to warn others!  I put this in here because hell is where everybody goes that denies Jesus Christ.  Those that deny Christ are the antichrist.  Click here to see the video of his incredible story!  Please share it with others so they may know that hell is real!


"How Doctor Coldwell is curing over 92% of Those with Cancer!"

Hear the incredible story of Dr. Coldwell and how the medical establishment and others have done everything in their power to kill him and censor his information!  Be sure to SHARE this information with everybody you know so we can cure more people of cancer.  Most people would not die from cancer if they learned what Dr. Coldwell recommends!  Unfortunately, alternative media gatekeeper Alex Jones has intentionally censored Dr. Coldwell after being begged by four doctors and Mike Adams to get him on his show!  This is absolute evil and there's no excuse for it!

Blog Posts

Monster 9.0 Quake to Hit Japan By End of Year Says Russian Scientist

Note by Glenn:  Please friend me on Facebook if you are a Truth Warrior.  Read and share…


Posted by Glenn Canady on August 22, 2014 at 11:50am

The Quran Admits Allah is Satan!

Note by Glenn:  Please friend me on Facebook if you are a Truth Warrior.  Read and share all my …


Posted by Glenn Canady on August 20, 2014 at 8:07pm

Are Our Future Sins Forgiven?

Are Our Future Sins Forgiven?

What did Jesus mean when He said, “It is finished”?

(John 19:30).

In John 19:29-30, after He had a drink of sour wine, Jesus said, “It is finished,” and this is thought by many to mean that a Christian's past, present and…


Posted by Mick Alexander on August 17, 2014 at 6:14pm


When God says RUN You better RUN for your LIFE

I am living a witness that sometimes you have to run not knowing when or why. For real this happened to me and I praise God for having given me an opportunity to experience this moment.One time a friend and I were walking home after playing…Continue

Tags: holy, angel, spirit, god, of

Started by Roberto Carrillo in God Jul 25.

Truth in the word of Christ, Jesus

Sir,I have been blessed with the motivation, through pure love of God and desire for following the right course and serving God the way God desires us to serve him, to set aside all I had been taught by man and Allow God himself to guide me through…Continue

Started by Jim Morgan in God Jul 17.

A Toddler Boiled in hot water....Let us Save him from death

17/July - 2014            Boy (2 Years) boiled in hot water!             Help…Continue

Tags: dying, hospitalization, urgent, S.O.S, toddler

Started by Rev. T. Arvind Mohan Dass in Money Jul 16.

Emergency - eye surgery 1 Reply


Tags: emergency, diabetes, funds, help, surgery

Started by Rev. T. Arvind Mohan Dass in Health. Last reply by Glenn Canady Jun 12.

Colorado Senator Evie Hudak Resigns Seat to End Recall Threat!

DENVER — State Sen. Evie Hudak has decided to…Continue

Started by Glenn Canady in Political Solutions - Recalls May 30.

The Recall Sword Used Against Those Who Violate Their Oath to the Constitution!

The Colorado Recalls – Can You Hear Us Now?By…Continue

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Started by Glenn Canady in Political Solutions - Recalls May 29.

Migraine Triggers Pain Relief 1 Reply

Migraines headaches, millions of people suffer from them and in some cases is extreme head pain. Be sure to read to the end to learn about natural ways to eliminate your migraines and bring you back to health.I know how it feels to have a migraine…Continue

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Started by Roberto Carrillo in Health. Last reply by Trent May 13.

Getting More Life Out of Disposable Razors 1 Reply

          Glenn Canady…Continue

Started by Glenn Canady in Money. Last reply by Jamie Anderson Jul 28.

Healthy Snacks & Eating Tips

Follow me on Twitter:) out my main Fashion channel:…Continue

Started by Glenn Canady in Health Oct 18, 2013.


 Basic topic of our requirement.I ve Bsc degree. My brother is working in nuclear power plant of Pakistan, Really genius man one day he surprise me on my challenge of free energy is noting but fraud as many sites on by PJkelly on this…Continue

Started by mosan javaid in Energy. Last reply by Alexander Skobeleff Jan 22.


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