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Do You Need Healing in the Name of Jesus?

Do you need healing in the name of Jesus Christ?

Nsearch is a healing ministry using the anointed Word of God to help people all over the world in the name of Jesus Christ!  

Jesus wants you to be healed off anything so don't be afraid to ask it in the name of Jesus!  If you are able to give a donation to support our finishing the recording God's Word, you can do this through the "DONATE" button on the right column of our website.  We also ask Join our site by using the "Sign Up" link in the upper right area of our site so we can reach you always.  

Jesus Christ wants to heal as many people as possible through the God's Word.

Adonai, Come Holy Spirit of God (Listen Daily)

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There is power in this song!  When I sing along to the English parts I feel amazing and feel the Holy Spirit on me!  Try it!

Next listen daily to the anointed reading of "God’s Word Speaks" below and also on the front page of

God's Word Speaks! (Listen Daily)

You can also get all the readings of "God's Word Speaks" directly on our Youtube Channel or using the SoundCloud application on your phone or tablet by searching for "Jeff Osburn" once you have installed the SoundCloud application.

God gave "God's Word Speaks" a special anointing with healing power through the special man God is using to record it!  Just listening to it brings you closer to God!  The more you listen to it, the more it will do for you!  God’s word has power!  

Thank you for your support!

Glenn Canady

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Comment by James George on June 16, 2017 at 9:55pm

I saw the You tube video Tittled, "New Motor Killed The Electric Car! Dennis Lee Explains" you were showing an special battery that would power an electric car to run very cheaply! You mentioned 1999 as the year you were doing it?
I was selling "business to business" services in San Diego area in the Lajolla Area. I met a most interesting man on day in 1999 (aprox) that had invented new electric moter that he had been able to replace the heavy copper windings of the to large electric motors with a set of windings created from especially made didgetale discs very CDs or DVDs, they were the same diameter of the DVDs and about 3/8 (aprox)  inch thck. 
 There was one motor on each of the four wheels of the auto. The man and his crew drove the car from Lajolla to Sanjose and back to LaJolla "NON STOP" th if e power source was Solar  Panel on top of the car and the car had no other power source!
There is more I can tell you about if you want to know more, I spent about an hour with this man taling to me about his inventions.? 
Send an email "myrainydayprogram@gmail"  or call florida: James, 863-662-8312

Comment by Stanley Adkins on August 13, 2016 at 11:31pm

Being one of the first to be healed by Our Healing Minister .I testify that my life has been totally changed. I have been healed by the most powerfull, Divine Inst. In The Name of Jesus Christ. Please join Church!

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