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There is a lot of stuff going on in our nation right now. Whether you agree with the decision of the election or not, if you say you believe in the Son of God as your risen Saviour then we need to stop judging another master's servant. Yes, there are sick sad and evil things going on right now but we are not to judge another Master's servant (Romans 14:4). I have beaten up people before in my past and I thank my Father for his forgiveness because even though I was a hoodlum at the time He pulled me out of hell to safely. We don't know who He is calling and who He has chosen. So even the people that are rioting right now and doing all kinds of evil, though we made not agree with them, we do not know who He is calling!!! Pray for all those people that are out of control instead of judging them!!! I am asking you in love to please, don't let evil into your light. Jesus said "if your light is darkness, then how great is that darkness?". He was not talking about the unbeliever people. Stop judging the sinner, that job is reserved for ¨The Word", He will judge. Please for your own sake and for the sake of Our Savior. Pray for our nation, please don't criticize just because you may be right.

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