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why do americans think a president can make america great?

please tell me how a man can make  america great? we have been promised for generations since time past that all the problems around in our country would be gone, for example the war on drugs, the war on the  poor and illness just to name a few, so tell me my friends how is it we as a nation keep getting worst as time goes on, and the promises continue and we the people continue to put politicians in office who don't do nothing for us, but have you noticed how much profits big corporations are making all over the world while our economy goes down and taxes keep going up and military spending also, so please explain to me a simple man who is trying to understand the reality of what the media and all others don't want to speak about, our leaders in all institutions are corrupt but they point the finger at everything else in the world.

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Good question.  I think the idea is that in order to make anything great, it has to start with each of us individually.  It has to start with you and me.  The political process doesn't work that way.  Some think that the government can be relied upon to help us when we are in need, but the fact is that the government is made up of people, and people are fallible.  The government does provide services for those in need, but it is one of the most ineffective and inefficient ways to get help to people. 

Then there is this idea of trickle down economics, which is supposed to mean that all that wealth that the oligarchs are making is supposed to trickle down  through the middle class and all the  way to the poor.  The problem is that we're in an economic system that is inherently dishonest.  We have a central bank that borrows and lends at interest with fiat currencies.  When you factor in government controlled inflation, the money that is brought into existence is worth considerably more to those who get it first, then as it trickles down, it becomes progressively worth less.  

This is explicitly forbidden in the Mosaic law except as an instrument of war.  An instrument to enslave the enemies of God's people.  Today God's people have become enslaved by these same means through their own ignorance.  In most cases I would say willful ignorance of God's word.

So yeah, the political, economic, and social institutions of the world are corrupt, but this is no excuse for the born again believer who has the word of God to rely upon.  Why listen to what the media has to say when you can read the truth in God's word?  

I'll tell you one reason why.  Because the truth isn't what most of us are looking for.  We don't want to know the truth because we cherish our bondage.  We fear the freedom that Jesus offers us because deep down we think it's just too good to be true.  Think about it.  Jesus says: "Forsake all, sell everything, give the money to the poor, and follow me".  He says, you cannot be one of his disciples unless you forsake all.  It's no coincidence that Jesus places money in opposition to God, rather than Satan.  It's easy to reject satan, or so we think.  When it comes to working for God rather than working for money, then things don't seem so black and white anymore. 

Here, let me make it easier to understand.  You've got the American Dream which everyone is working for; working for more money to see if they can ever get the American Dream.  Well, we've already established the fact that the American Dream is a pipe dream, right?  The reality is that the more money you get, the more you seem to always need.  

Years ago, I remember watching an infomercial late one night around 3 or 4 in the morning.  There was this slightly overweight 50 something guy leaning over his fire engine Corvette in front of his meticulously landscaped mansion.  As he leaned back from his labor of love, he began to reflect on how nice it was to work when he wanted to or do whatever he felt like doing because he had all this money coming out his ears now.  I instantly knew this was a great commercial because the average guy is going to see himself in this guy.  Average looking, average build, doing what average guys do, i.e. wash their own cars, do their own work etc.  The problem is that this is pure fantasy when it comes to acquiring wealth.  Anyone who has had the misfortune to acquire a ton of money in a short period of time knows that there are problems that develop almost immediately, and one of them is how to take care of all the stuff that inevitably accumulates around you.  You certainly don't have time to wash and wax your cars, bikes, boats, etc.  anymore, that's for sure.  

Who's holding the purse strings?  You?  Nope.  You have taxes to pay, you have accountants, lawyers, investment bankers,  etc. etc. to pay.   So maybe the alternative might not be such a bad idea after all...

I'm not saying money isn't important.  In this world, it's darn near all important.  Yet, if anyone has ever placed their faith in God's providence, it's really a win/win.  If you have and you're here reading this response, then you know what I mean.  If you're dead, well then you've met your Maker, and you're being welcomed into the kingdom, right?  How much providential can one get than to enter into God's eternal kingdom? 

A lot of people are waking up to the fact that borrowing money to quench our desire for material wealth is idiotic.  People are paying off their debts, and this is NOT going over well with the banking cartels, or the government.  They want people paying interest for the rest of their miserable lives.  They don't want people paying cash (notice the meme about getting rid of c notes lately?).  If you have cash, you can move into an international trust in the Cayman Islands or Singapore and uncle Sam can't touch it.  Cash transactions can't always be taxed either, so uncle Sam doesn't get his cut then, but I digress...

So how does one negotiate this dilemma between working for God or working for money?  Well you can continue to work for money, or you can work for free. 

That's God's deal; Eternal salvation or triple your money back.  


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