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Am I A Heretic Because I Go By God's Word?


                                                                                      "The Trinity?"

Man in general is not happy with the explanations God visits upon him in scripture.. He likes to take God’s words and improve on them:

“Make them a little clearer” he claims:

“Modernise them” he cries!

“ Explain them in a way that man today, thousands of years later, can better understand”

There was a famous literary critic called Bradley who was deemed an expert on Shakespeare: One wag became so infuriated by this excessive reliance on Mr Bradley, he wrote the following humorous verse:

"Last night I dream't that Shakespeare's ghost,

Sat for a civil service post ....

The English paper of the year contained a question on King Lear..

Which Shakespeare answered very badly ..

Because he had not read his Bradley"

Now I don’t trust every Bradley or every Tertullian or 4th C council to explain God to me:  We have the mind of Christ and Jesus did not trust man: . I don’t trust even the most intelligent academic genius in translating the Bible. I don’t trust The TV evangelists who produce their own versions of Holy Scripture with colouring and bold underlinings to emphasise what they believe God is saying: But Jesus said in John 10:27 "My sheep are hearing My voice, and I know them, and they are following Me” That sounds to me as if Jesus trusts the ordinary man to get the message and make their own decisions. In fact he warns them to beware of self proclaimed gurus who masquerade as modern Apostles or experts and peddle the word of God for monetary or doctrinal ends of their own.

.Oh yes of course I use many translations and concordances but I am always aware that the Holy Spirit will lead me into all truth and if the Holy Spirit causes unease in my spirit about something then further prayer, further illumination and further meditation on that area is warranted. The referee in all these matters is within you: It is peace! If I don’t have peace about a way a thing is in scripture I don’t swerve around it but I go to the original language and look for Holy Spirit enlightenment. That is extra easy today with press of a button technology : For example: just copy and paste this to see:   


The Bible tells me in 1 Cor 8:6 that “ there is one God, the Father, out of Whom all is, and we for Him, … “ Earlier in verse 4 Paul again states that “ We are aware that an idol is nothing in the world, and that there is no other God except One” Seems to me scripture is making one very clear statement here at the start.

So let us proceed slowly and gently: The first premise , stated in verse 4 and in verse 6 is that there is only one God. Not two Gods or Three: Just one! Then Paul proceeds to tell us who that one God is. He is the one called  “The Father” All of this is stated by God in scripture in simple easy everyday words that anybody could understand if left alone.

The word God means The placer or The subjector. So there is only one who is totally sovereign in placing us where He wills and in subjecting us as He wills. Acts 17:26 goes further and says he is “specifying the setting of the seasons and the bounds of their dwelling, for them to be seeking God..” Now none of this is hard to read or understand until man enters and starts muddying the waters with long latinised words or never heard before expressions. You see if we go back to 1 Cor 8:6 the Father is the one “out of Whom all is” Still no sign of long 23 letter words: Everything that ever existed had it’s origin in God The Father according to this verse. Now the next 4 words are life changing: Listen as if you never heard them before “and we for Him”  We were planned and purposed for God the Father even before time began for Him alone:: When we learn that our lives and our bodies are not our own but belong to God then we can find absolute rest in taking our rightful  place as His slaves (Titus 1:1ff) We learn in Ephesians chapter one that this action of God gives Him great joy and even more joy as He lavishes grace on us! Isaiah 46;10 then shakes off the cobwebs of religious thinking: “ My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure” It’s going to happen not because of our holiness our works but because He said it would:

Probably enough in all that to keep us rejoicing for a week but the passage goes on:  “ and one Lord, Jesus Christ, through Whom all is, and we through Him

Well now logically if all is out of God then Jesus must have come out of God” Follow me now, simply and easily, and don’t get fuddled by any outside ideas. We see here that whoever Jesus is, there is only one of them. Jesus is one of a kind! This one of a kind is mentioned again in John 3:16 where His called the “only begotten son of God” {Monogenes in Latin) and also in John chapter one. Jesus is the only begotten son of God: He is first in line and naturally gets "the allotment of all" as stated in Hebrews chapter one: Why not? "The only begotten son always inherits the property"

"Are we not sons ?" you ask: Yes but none of us now or indeed anytime in the future will be an "Only begotten son" We are sons of God by His choosing us as such even before we were born: (Adoption if you like!) Jesus is His only-begotten son by being birthed out of God. Jesus has the allotment of all but then decides to share it out among us!

The book of Hebrews in chapter one tells us that Jesus is the effulgence of God: i.e. Flows out of God: Think of it like the sun: Nobody really ever saw the sun: But what flows out of it, light, heat, life we all see: And we even refer to what flows out of the sun as the sun: Are you with me: Light is not the sun! Heat is not the sun! They flow out of the sun: And when we look up and see or feel these things we say “The sun is hot today” or “The sun was shining so brightly” If anyone ever really saw the sun they would be blinded: God the Father is Spirit and if anyone ever saw Him they would die. But Jesus is the exact emblem or image of the Father. Jesus himself claimed that  “He who has seen me has seen the father”

That is how perfect and how exact the emblem is. But no matter how exact an image of something is,it is not that thing: If an artist paints an amazingly accurate portrait of you everyone realises that it is still not you: Jesus is not the Father even tho the similarity is such He is sometimes called the Father. He is Lord Jesus Christ!  Everything ever made was made by God the Father through Jesus. Everything! Mankind, angels, Eons of Time Principalities and powers.

Trinity is a man made idea. It does not follow the "pattern of sound words" as recommended by Paul. (2 Tim 1:13)  It is not the fruit of revelation or inspiration or spiritual awareness. It is the fruit of years of strife and turmoil among various sects in the early years of the church. Do you trust man to come up with something better than scripture from such fleshly turmoil? I don’t: I refuse to either say I believe in the Trinity or I don’t believe in the Trinity: I have something far superior to say: Lets have a look at God’s Word! And even if I am called a heretic by some I treasure far more being called a faithful exponent of God’s written word than having a passing cheap honour among men! 

So to this and all such queries I answer: “Here, let’s read the scriptures together”:

How amazingly simple 1 cor 8:6 is compared to man’s theology!

What marvellous insight there is in John 3:16

See how the pieces all fit together in Hebrews 1!

“Here is how it will all end in 1 Cor 15:28.

Trust God alone! He alone has revealed to us through His Word -- all we need to know!

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