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Adam Schiff Compromised in Acts of Pedophilia at The Standard Hotel! Steve Pieczenik

Adam Schiff Compromised in Acts of Pedophilia - Steve Pieczenik

Illuminati Rothschild agent Adam Schiff was compromised in acts of pedophilia at The Standard Hotel with Hillary Clinton spirit cooker Marina Abromovic according to Steve Pieczenik in the video above!  Get this information everywhere patriots and make sure to tweet it to Trump @potus and @realdonaldtrump as well.  

Let's all pray that God gives Trump the wisdom of S0lomon and brings all the guilty to justice!  God has always protected President Trump and will allow nothing to take him out of office!   I'm not worried about it at all.   I can't wait to see the communist democrat tears on election night 2020!   It's going to be epic again when God shocks the world again!

Trump likes to call Adam "Liddle Adam Schiff".   Do you know why?  He's not misspelling "Little".   He calls him Liddle Adam Schiff because he's doing an epic troll on him about being tied to the "Liddle Kidz" foundation which many people say is a front for pedophiles!  Judge for yourself in the videos below, especially that last one!  No doubt in my mind, something very evil going on with the Liddle Kidz foundation that Schiff is tied to.  

It appears President Trump has already gotten the memo that Adam Schiff is a pedophile and that's why he loves calling him "Liddle Adam Schiff".  Judge for yourself though!  I would bet anything Liddle Kidz is up to their wide open eyeballs in pedophilia!  Trump is the master to messing with people's minds!  I love it!

Here's more info on Lidde Adam Schiff

Liddle Kidz searches the globe for babies to massage!   Creepy!   Does Adam give the babies the massages?  Does he get the first pick?  This is some very sick stuff but it's all normal for Washington DC where 90% of them are compromised homosexuals or pedophiles and that's why they vote to destroy America at every opportunity.  They are totally owned by the new world order and vote however they are told.  They don't write the laws, they are given the laws by their masters!  It's a pathetic joke!

See the picture below of a very little kid at Adam's desk!   I sure wouldn't let any kid or baby around Adam Schiff!  Let's face it, anybody who attacks God's choice - President Trump has got a demon issue.  Case in point - homosexual demon possessed Shepard Smith.    Homosexuality is a sin and God warned us about.  You never get out of that homosexual lifestyle, you don't go to heaven.  Shepard Smith oozes demonic hatred for God's chosen Trump at every opportunity.   Let's pray Shep gets healed of his demons someday and comes to Jesus Christ!

By the way, did you know the General Manager of the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood (where Pieczenik says Adam Schiff was compromised in pedophilia) was killed in a helicopter crash on January 30, 2018.   Did she have information on Adam Schiff?  Was she killed to protect Schiff's dirty little secrets?  Nothing would surprise me.  Body bags tend to follow communist democrats.  How many have been tied to Bill and Hillary?  I've lost count it's so many!

Here's some great information on Schiff from patriots at the "We the People Insider 1776" Youtube channel.  They discuss information that Q put out regarding Adam Schiff along with many other things I had never heard of about this deep state cockroach such as his family has always been tied to the Rothschilds!  

Jacob Schiff  was brought to America in the last 1800s by the Rothschilds and even lived with them!   Adam is the grandson of Rothschild banker Jacob Schiff and their entire family has been used to destroy and dominate America for the Rothschilds!  This Rothschild filth owns most of the planet and funds both sides of every war but you won't hear about them from Sean Hannity or the rest of the fake Fox News of course because they serve them.  Glenn Beck found out who controlled Fox News when he talked about the scam Federal Reserve on his mega hit show and was fired the next week!  That's why only fools waste one second watching those puppets on their TV's.   Nothing but lies and censorship of the real truth.

I found this very informative Youtube video (below) and I guarantee you this video won't be up long once the communist democrats at Youtube hear about it.  

Demons With Eyes Wide Open!

Adam Schiff and Alexandria Cortez and Nancy Pelosi's eyes wide opened are classic symptoms of demon possession.  Demons love to kill babies and cause trouble for God's choice for President Donald Trump.  These demons will always fail in their efforts to take out Trump.

Here's testimony about demon possession causing the crazy looking eyes wide opened! 

"Patient B was a 21-year-old single unemployed female of Muslim religious background from an urban area. Ten months before contact with psychiatric services, she started developing possession states. At the beginning these occurred about once a day but increased in frequency to 4-5 times a day during the last month. The patient and the family believe that she is possessed by demons. While possessed her eyes opened wide, she stretched out her hands, and screamed loudly in anger. These states lasted for about 10 minutes. "

(apparently Adam, AOC, and Pelosi) are possessed most of the time they are awake)

Anybody Voting Communist Democrat is against God himself!

If anybody votes Communist Democrat in 2020, these types like Adam Schiff are the kinds of pedophile monsters you support!  These are your heroes baby!   Are you proud of them?   This democrat party of today is NOT the party of JFK who tried to free us from the Fed.  This is a party of hardcore communist pedophiles and baby killers who sold us out to China, want to take our guns and to destroy the nation with open borders.  You're a traitor to our founding fathers if you support any of these communist democrats period!  You're against God himself if you support baby killing democrats for any office.  Don't kid yourself and call yourself a christian if you vote democrat because you support killing babies and only people with a demon issue support that!   And everybody stop calling them democrats, from now on they are only to be referred to as communist democrats.  There is no socialists, that's just the lie they tell you on the way to communism where you have a boot on your throat and you're a slave forever.

There's some evil RINO Neocon Republicans who are against Trump like Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney of course because they're compromised too!  They need to voted out and replaced by Trump supporters!   I got a special message to any Democrat reading my article.  Try telling God in his throne room someday that you supported a woman's right to kill his babies because Nancy Pelosi the Catholic said it was okay!  Good luck with that conversation!  We all go to the throne room someday.  I pray you wake wake up democrats!  God wants you back on his team!

I pray the Holy Spirit comes down on all the democrats reading this article and opens their eyes to the evil of abortion and their leaders.   I pray some of these democrats ask for God to forgive them and vote Trump in 2020 even if they have to do it in total secrecy!   God will forgive each and every one of you democrats who ask for it!  You only have to admit your sins of supporting baby killers in the past and ask God to forgive you and it's DONE!   Go and sin no more!  All those on God's team don't vote for anybody who supports killing babies for ANY reason period!  I'd vote for a democrat IF they were against abortion for any reason, were pro gun, wanted to build the wall and wanted to End the Federal Reserve slavery system like JFK.   But those days are over.  You got nothing but communist democrats now working directly for satan's new world order.

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