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Amazing food facts: The seed of a peach contains an almond-like nut containing the anti-cancer medicine laetrile

Amazing food facts: The seed of a peach contains an almond-like nut...

Peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots and almonds are all closely related fruit
trees with very similar pits. In all these fruits, the pit must be broken open
to reveal the almond-shaped kernel within. In fact, this is what almonds
actually are: the kernel within the pit of the fruit of the almond

The kernels of all these species contain high concentrations of a
chemical known as laetrile. It's also known as amygdalin or
vitamin B-17. Research has shown that laetrile induces programmed cell death in
cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone. It's sort of like Mother
Nature's chemotherapy
except that it doesn't make you suffer the way
man-made synthetic chemotherapy does.

Laetrile appears to work because
the nutrient is actually composed of four separate molecules: two of
glucose, one of benzaldyhide and one of cyanide. The latter
two chemicals are toxic, but are bound up in a non-bioavailable form. Cancer
cells contain an enzyme that healthy cells do not, known as
beta-glucosidase. This enzyme actually breaks apart the component pieces
of laetrile, and the cell is poisoned by a combination of benzaldyhide and
cyanide. Healthy cells do not undergo this effect, which is why they remain
unaffected by laetrile.

The medical establishment, learning about this
natural "chemotherapy" that killed cancer cells and didn't even require a
prescription, quickly began to attack it by spreading lies about the dangers of
laetrile. The FDA, long an enemy of healing through nutrition, banned laetrile
in 1971. Highly toxic chemotherapy substances, however, remain perfectly legal
and continue to kill hundreds of thousands of people every single year. (Most
people who "die from cancer" are actually killed by chemotherapy and radiation,
not from the cancer itself. "Cancer survivors" are people who miraculously
survive chemotherapy.)

G. Edward Griffin wrote a sensational book on this
subject called World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17. It's
available on at

More information
is also available at

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