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Ed Slade worked with the aliens at Area 51.  He led an incredible life actually.  He worked at NASA and developed the lunar lander rocket motor that was supposed to lift the astronauts from the lunar surface and back to the command module in orbit.

Many people do not believe we landed on the moon.   I am not one of those people.  I know we actually had the Nikola Tesla antigravity technology in the secret space program most likely in the 50s if not before.  This technology allowed us to build bases on the moon and mars in secret.  All the while we continued to use rockets to launch satellites as part of the charade.  

Ed Slade said we went to the moon and he was part of the effort but he has a story to tell about it.  Ed Slade actually designed the lunar lander rocket he said they didn't use it!  He knew they didn't when he saw the lander on the moon and it didn't have any dust on the gold foil legs!  He said the rocket would have blasted dirt and dust all over that gold covered legs and would have created at least a small impression under the rocket motor.  But none of this happened.

When he asked his NASA bosses why they didn't use his rocket motor they basically told him to shut up and accept his award for his rocket design!   Ed Slade later figured out they used Tesla antigravity technology to greatly reduce the mass of the lunar lander and gently lower it down to the surface.  He doesn't know what they used to take off but if the lunar lander mass was reduced to almost zero, it could have been something very small!  

One of the most interesting things he talks about in these interviews is when he was working with the aliens and they gave him a hunk of special metal about the size of a loaf of bread.  The alien told him to go place this on the ground away from them and think think about making it into the shape of a flying saucer.  Ed tried but wasn't having much success.  The alien told him he was doing it right and to try it another way.  On the next attempt the metal instantly transformed into the shape of a quite large flying saucer!  At the time Ed worked at Area 51, he didn't realize these aliens were in fact all the evil fallen angels from the Bible.  He said if he would have known it he wouldn't have worked with them.  

The reason Ed talks slower than normal and with some difficulty is he was attacked with microwave weapons of some type that gave him many strokes.  Stew says when Ed got up to speak at a conference for the first time he was at he was hit with some type of weapon.  It knocked him down and gave him a major stroke.  It took him many years to be able to teach himself to speak again!   So be patient when you listen to the interviews and understand it was because of the weapons the bad guys used on him that he has difficulty speaking.  Right before he died, Stew said Ed reported he was seeing the "invisible guys" inside his house.  These were men wearing the special suits that allow them to be invisible like in the movie Predator.  I know it all sounds crazy but Ed Slade was not crazy or insane and was not a liar.   He was an American hero who was incredibly smart and traveled around the world on assignments.  He met royalty and even designed the special customized machine guns President Johnson always carried in his pockets!   Please share this around since these are the only interviews from this great man.

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