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Ripoff, Scam and Lies in Free Energy! Blaze Power - Kevin Tony Blaze

The free energy sector is full of scam artists who constantly change their stories.  I've been ripped off by two people in the last 6 months in the search for a real device.  Luckily the first one I paid by Paypal and was able to back charge the scammer and put him out of business!  The second guy was as slippery as a snake!  His name is Kevin Tony Blaze and his company is called Blaze Power. This man is a con man, scammer and a liar.  Run do not walk away from him or you will lose money and get nothing in return!  

I'm telling my story so that others who research this company will find my article.   Please help me by posting this article on websites and social networks so this company can't continue scamming others!  I will always report on the evil companies who are stealing money in the free energy area.  I will do my best to get a working free energy device in my possession in the next year.  I promise I will never give up

Here's my story on Blaze Power - owned by Kevin Tony Blaze

I will not link to this fraudulent piece of garbage website because I don't want him to ripoff more people!  My intention with this article is to simply link Blaze Power and the word Scam so that others who research him and his company will will learn the truth about this con man before they lose money!  

The man in charge of this Blaze Power company is a joker named Kevin Tony Blaze.  Here's one of his first emails to me where he promised to deliver a demo rig to me for $480.  He said he would basically give me the unit since it was just sitting around if I paid $480 worth of Bitcoin since it was just sitting around.  I agreed to promote his company he would do this  but only AFTER I got the unit so I could make sure he was not a scammer.  He agreed.  Here's his email

"I can do a promo collaboration deal with you but you will need to cover the shipping & absolute minimum cost for the 5KW demo unit. If you can deposit 0.1402 BTC ($480.00) into our Bitcoin wallet below which is the quickest payment option. I can arrange for the cheapest shipping option available".  

Kevin Tony Blaze

We had agreed that if I got the unit and it worked then I would promote him.  As the weeks dragged into months, Kevin began to change his tune as all liars do.  Luckily I have all his emails that prove his lies.   First the demo rig didn't work at all, he said it was because it hadn't run in a long time. I gave him the benefit of the doubt in the early stages and gave him time to fix it.  This dragged on for many many weeks.  

Here's a later email from Kevin where he again says he is giving me the unit and I already had paid for the shipping at the point of $480 worth of Bitcoin.  It's the only reason I agreed to pay him anything because there are so many scammers.

I will GIVE you a rig (emphasis added) because you could not afford a production unit & in return you would promote us to your 1000's of loyal clients - I took a chance because I thought, what do I have to lose? Because the rig was just a demo unit collecting dust in the workshop anyway thus I could afford to give it away to you for FREE

Kevin Tony Blaze

At this point he still seems sincere so when he tells me the unit has some problems and needs a new alternator and would I mind paying for that.   If I do this he promises that will be the last thing I have to pay for I'm told and he will ship immediately upon it working!  

So I pay this man more money to get an alternator (and eventually a new flywheel too!) and when after many more weeks of delays and problems he finally shows me a very dark video where most of the parts are covered up by black plastic!  I noticed that the alternator I bought doesn't look all shiny as you would expect of a new alternator out of the box.  It looks like about a 10 year old alternator full of rust!   At this point I pretty much know I'm going to get ripped by this man but I want to see what he's going to do now that he has no more excuses!     He tells me the demo rig is working pretty good but not as good as his production unit of course.   I say fine, ship it to me and let me see it work for myself.  If it does work I'll promote your company and probably buy a production unit because you proved yourself with the demo rig.  Seems pretty reasonable of me right?  All he has to do is ship me the unit that he already promised as you saw in two emails.  

This is where the demon changes the story again!  He now says he won't ship me anything because all these parts are now just so valuable and he can't just ship it to me for so little money!  Even though in the earlier email he says these parts are just collecting dust and I was just paying for shipping!    Now he wants me to pay him $900 additional so I can get a production unit that won't have any problems!

At this point, I of course tell him he won't be getting a penny more for me and he can either refund what I paid or ship the unit he promised.  Of course the demon won't do this because it's only fair.   Now he says he'll ship me my demo rig that he already promised to ship but only IF I promote him and he gets a lot of other people to buy his stuff!   Yeah right, I'm going to promote somebody who lied, changed their story and never delivered me ANYTHING so he can rip off other people.  That is not happening!   So all I can do now is warn others about this scumbag.  

I want everybody to simply post this article to your social network or website so Google sees it and will associate this man and company with the word scam and ripoff.  If you have a website link to the article so that in the future, when people do research on this company and this man we can stop them from getting ripped off like I did!  

Lessons learned so far when it comes to free energy devices

1)  Most people in the free energy field are liars.  They are put there by satan and are allowed by their governments to steal money to discredit the entire free energy field.  Assume everybody is a liar and a fraud and protect yourself in all ways possible!  Yes I know there are some real units out there and I will never stop searching until I find them and get them in my possession!  

2)  Pay Only by Credit Card or Paypal!   Do not pay anybody unless you can back charge.  I also wouldn't do business with anybody unless you see a well lighted video of your unit and it's ready to ship to you.  Make them video it with your name in front of it so you know that it's not an old video too.

Only pay by a credit card or by Paypal so that it can be charged back if they do not ship or deliver a working unit.  Never pay anybody by bitcoin or you will get ripped off guaranteed!  I was stupid and admit it!  Do not let anybody send you a PayPal invoice because one person did that and it was in fact a "Friends and Family" PayPal transfer that is not protected by Paypal.  Luckily my credit card paid for the purchase out of Paypal and I recovered my money!  You need to pay them as a "Goods and Services" and say it is for a Free Energy Generator in the comments so you have proof you are buying a piece of hardware.  If they fail to deliver or it doesn't work then they will lose their PayPal account and you will get refunded as I did in one case.  The only way I would ever pay by Bitcoin is if I physically went to their factory verified that it powered a good load for many hours without any power cords attached and I would take the unit with me when I left.

Real Free Energy Devices!

I do have two units that I think could be real by everything I've seen so far.  I'm going to try my best to visit the two companies and buy a unit within the next year.   Both are outside the US of course!   You can get access to the information on these two companies including their websites at

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