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Fake News Said Planned Parenthood Shooting a Drill!

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I found some evidence the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado was an active shooter drill direct from the fake news when they announced it was an active shooter drill.  

Here's a traitor in the fake news saying it was an active shooter "DRILL"!

Why does this cop look like he has a dummy face?

The following footage was filmed by a Canadian film crew and it looks weird to me.  Look at the cop they put on the stretcher.  It looks like his face is the face of a dummy or something.  Is it some type of mask?  Possibly.  

So whether this person being put on the stretcher is a dummy or just play acting, I trust nothing on the Fake News because they have zero credibility.  They cried wolf too many times and they are all traitors.  People in the press should be put in jail that know and fail to report the truth.  They lied to us about Sandy Hook, nobody died and they are running from all questions.  They lied about the Boston Bombing completely.  It was a drill too!  They even announced it on the radio and Jim Fetzer has the recording at the Marathon!

I'm very suspicious this is another fake shooting or just a drill they say is real like so many others like Sandy Hook and Boston Bombing which are totally proven.  The way Obama came out after the guns so quickly in this one leads me to think this was fake.  Is this a real cop and is he really shot?  I can't say for sure at this point like I can with the Virginia Reporter shooting which I know was fake and have proof below.  But it's fishy.  With Planned parenthood being in the news selling Baby parts and this shooting happens there with supposedly a "Christian".  It sure fits their narrative of Christians are bad and must be stopped!

Jim Fetzer recently proved Sandy Hook was a drill through leaked the photos from somebody inside government showing government operatives staging everything including busting out the windows!  Jim Fetzer's new book, "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" which can be downloaded free now is amazing!  This book had been updated with these smoking gun photos when Amazon ripped it down and censored him!  It drove Amazon crazy and they must have got "the call" by the demon in chief to take it down!  This Sandy Hook story is being censored by all the Zionist gatekeepers and fakes in alternative media!   Jim's book alone can take down the system but because of controlled opposition and people who support them, victory is slipping through our fingers!  This must change now!  

Who in alternative media is hiding the smoking gun evidence and thus aiding the Illuminati?

All fakes in alternative media are directly aiding the Illuminati by their censorship!   Alex Jones will not put out the evidence these shootings are all fake even with smoking gun proof!   He'll tell us he has Intel World War 3 starts tomorrow but won't show the smoking gun proof proving almost all of these shootings are fake and drills!   Why?  Alex Jones censored Jim Fetzer's book with pictures leaked by somebody within government that clearly show set... that caused Amazon to freak out and remove it!  That alone is the story of the year but Jones isn't interested!

Alex Jones has been caught red handed throwing the fight against the Illuminati and his crew continues to run from my $500 challenge to prove he's not working for the bad guys in secret as shown in the Illuminati Card Deck!  Alex Jones also censored Jim Fetzer and his audio recording at the Boston Bombing where he has them saying "This is a drill!"   "This is drill" and all the rest of his iron clad evidence showing it was another drill!  Nobody died or was hurt!   Alex Jones also censored the proof the Virginia reporter shooting was fake and done in two takes!   They tried to get cute with this one and give us the footage from the shooter but they messed up big time!    Keep the heat on Alex Jones and all the other fakes like Michael Savage who is a total joke and a Zionist agent who never talks about the fake jew owned Federal Reserve scam of course nor the dual citizen traitors trying to take our guns!  All the fakes who censor must now be exposed or we all end up in FEMA camps built by the fake Jew zionists!


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