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Camera Records People Popping Through Portal!

This is just so strange I had to share it.  A guy says he noticed some weird portal opening up behind him on his car's backup camera.   He couldn't see it with his eyes so he began filming what his camera was seeing.  He sees a portal open and a father and son appear out of nowhere and afterwards a security guard pops out!  I don't believe this was faked as there is no way to even access these backup cameras to overlay special effects.  This guy doesn't seem to be a Steven Spielberg type anyway and no money was made on the video.   It's really bizarre!  Are people traveling backward or forward in time?   Is this evidence of some type of a portal opening up?   Andrew Basiago reported he walked through a Tesla type portal to travel in time during his time at Project Pegasus.  Is this proof of time travel?  I don't know but my gut tell me this could be important.

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