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Free Energy Here Now! ZPower Changed Everything!

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A company called ZPower just changed everything!   They just created a device that makes power from the sun even in the middle of the night!  It doesn't use the visible light from the sun, it uses other forms of energy produced by the sun all around us!  It's what Nikola Tesla figured out how to do over 100 years ago!  ZPower literally taps into the unlimited power of the sun 24 hours a day!   The inventor calls it flux energy and it has properties of both AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current).  There's nothing else like it!   They've already got working prototypes you'll see in the video and stand ready to be a part of solving the Earth's problems.  

The ZPower unit is solid state so it has no moving parts to wear out! It operates outside the visible spectrum of light so it makes power 24 hours a day!  The energy from the sun this device is getting is not stopped by the Earth so it works underground too!   This isn't just some pie in the sky theory.   They've already built devices that work perfectly!   In this video, you'll see them light up a high powered light from a helicopter with ease when a car battery can't even do it!  They also built a 6000 Watt prototype unit capable of powering a house but their next goal is a (1) megawatt unit using (20) 50 kW modules housed inside a custom made shipping container.  There's no limit to what could be powered with this thing!

With unlimited free energy we can green all the deserts by producing fresh water from the ocean.  More fresh water and essentially zero cost for fuel means more food production and cheaper prices for food and everything else!   The deep state and their new world order certainly won't like it since they planned on killing 95% of the Earth's population!   These demons told us we must freeze and bake for the good of the Earth!   It's all been a big con and now we can prove it!  Get the truth about this huge news to everybody and send them to where you'll read uncensored news put out by patriots!   You won't hear about this invention on the fake news that's for sure! 

The truth is we don't need oil, coal, nuclear, solar, wind or anything else except as a bridge until this technology is ramped up and mass produced.  You could have a device the size of an air conditioner putting out 50Kw and you power your street with it.  There's no more excuses!  It's time for President Trump to nationalize the Federal Reserve so we stop wasting half our GDP on interest to private bankers and fully fund and support the free energy technology ZPower has just proven!  Put the full force of the US government to good for once.  We spent $15 trillion on wars where nothing was accomplished except making a few people rich so how much can we spend to lead and change the planet for the good?

We finally have a REAL President who isn't a puppet to the Federal Reserve and their energy cartels let's make sure Donald Trump knows about this invention as well as every human on the planet!  Tweet this information to him @potus and @realdonaldtrump and send it viral!   Tell him this is his chance to go down in history as the greatest President who brought free energy to the World when others hid it!   We're not going to be slaves to the Rothschilds and Rockefellers who control our energy system!   We're ready for Trump to make America Great again by producing these units for the world!   In fact we DEMAND Trump do this now!   These ZPower engineers have done what others have done in the past but NOW is the time to get the word out so it can't be stopped this time!  We should have SEAL Team Six guarding these guys right now!  Oh and somebody tell the inventor that our patent office is a fraud run by British SERCO who gives all inventions to the Queen!   He needs to protect himself so that if anything happens to him, the plans go open source on the Internet immediately!  

The inventor is secretive about the exact frequencies used but it clearly creates a lot of power in a very small and lightweight device.  You could power ships and vehicles with these and basically never stop for gas or recharging!   You could even power propellor based planes with an energy source like this!  The military could use it on submarines and drones.  Imagine how much money will be saved when power plants, houses, buses, trucks, cars and boats begin to use this clean free energy instead of oil controlled by the cartels!  Why do solar when they don't work at night and the chemtrails degrade their performance anyway.   Why do wind when this works 24 hours a day rain or shine or even underground?  

We don't have pay carbon taxes to Al Gore and his minions!  We don't have to freeze to death or die of heat stroke because we can't afford the power!  It's all been a scam to milk us for as much as possible each month!  If we all spread the word about this proven free energy we can literally change our future!.  We know the new world order wants to cause a massive grid down emergency!  Our grid is very vulnerable.  It's time to decentralize everything!   

Trillions have been spent by our fraudulent Department of Energy trying to make a fusion reactor which essentially recreates the sun on Earth.   With the money spent on Tokamak reactors that never work, every house in the United States could have already been getting free power!  No more Fukushima disasters when the power gets interrupted.   Dangerous nuclear power can now be phased out since this ZPower technology could power the entire planet safely!  

Trump has begun to stop the trillions being wasted on all the fraudulent and needless wars for the deep state but now it's time for him to pick up the phone, call the ZPower engineers and introduce this to the world!  America must lead in this technology if Trump does what he should do now!  Hit Trump every day with this information and overload the censorship!  Make your voices heard so Trump can't miss this even with all the censorship being done by Google, Twitter and Facebook!   If you know how to reach Donald Trump do it now!   This should be shown on a Trump press conference on TV at the same time Trump is having our military build the wall from our massive defense budget!   Nothing could Trump from a second term if he nationalizes the Federal Reserve, builds the wall and releases free energy NOW!  Tell him this every day if you have to!

Thank you patriots for sharing the truth!  Let's cause chaos for the new world order by telling everybody about it.  Tell all your friends!  We're done with being slaves!  We're ready for our free energy!

The Free Energy Song!  You Can't Stop It!  Dedicated to Truth Warriors Worldwide!  God bless you all!


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