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Ginsburg Dead, Replaced by Double! Funeral Soon! Navy Intel

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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is no longer "converting oxygen to carbon dioxide" aka "dead" according to one of the Navy Intel sources of Daniel Lee.   Daniel just reported new information from a Naval Intelligence source that does not surprise me at all and would confirm my own gut feelings.  He shows the email from the source in the video.  Basically the deep state orchestrated another huge fraud just like Sandy Hook.  The source says Ginsburg died when Fox News originally showed the graphic of her passing earlier this year before retracting it as a mistake!    

Daniel's source says the deep state replaced Ginsburg with a body double who looks very similar and that's what has been showing up at carefully staged events.   Daniel's source says Ginsburg is a card they are holding back until the timing is right.  They want to use it to panic the zombies of the left who will be told it's the end of the world to ramp up the chaos!  They'll say Trump can't be allowed to replace her and that he's whacking his enemies or something!  

My personal belief is if she really has been replaced by a body double, you will see Ginsburg "die" publicly at the end of the year so they can say it's within one year of the election to stop Trump from replacing her!  I think they will announce it in November or December most likely or early spring at the latest.   If this story is indeed true, will they just kill the body double so they have a corpse in the coffin to show the world?  I sure would sure not want to be playing the part of Ruth Bader Ginsburg at this time!  They won't leave this loose end around, that's for sure!   I'm not saying Ginsburg is for sure dead but I'm saying it's absolutely possible.  I do know something is very wrong with he picture.  Is she using a body double to hide how poor her health is?  Why was she always in the news but then after her surgery not one interview, not one 60 Minutes segment!   It's like the deep state is doing everything possible to shield her from being seen whereas before the surgery they couldn't show her enough!

They never showed H.W. Bush in a coffin but if this source is correct and there is a Ginsburg funeral within the next 9 months, I predict you'll see Ginsburg lay in State at the capital for a few days and they'll have at least two weeks of coverage of the entire thing on all the fake news channels.  They make a big production out of it just like they did for the traitor John McCain and H.W. Bush who was involved in the death of our President John F. Kennedy.

I personally thought a long time ago that Ruth Bader Ginsburg probably died when Fox News showed the graphic to the world.  The whole thing is just fishy with her being completely out of sight for so long and of course her skipping the State of the Union as I knew she would!   Her missing the State of the Union just confirmed it to me!  So she was supposedly healthy enough to be seen in a  "gym" (yea right!) but couldn't drag herself to the State of the Union?    

They are carefully controlling this body double's appearances in my opinion.   They couldn't have her on HD cameras at the State of the Union or the jig would be up!  Somebody would probably be able to easily tell it was not the "old" Ginsburg by the way she looked or even walked.   I'm sure evil Google is busy deleting all older pictures of her too if the story is correct.  From what I've heard it's hard to find older pictures of her now. 

Nothing is beyond belief when it comes to the Communist Socialist democratic party and the demonic deep state!   They will lie, cheat and even kill Presidents in front of the world to bring in their satanic new world order.  They will stage school shootings to take guns!   They will put cancer viruses in the vaccines!   How can any sane American vote Democratic when this is the party that covered up the killing of John F. Kennedy, one of the greatest Presidents of all time who tried to free us from the Federal Reserve!  

The democratic party is now directly against God and loves to kill God's babies with abortions!  Trump isn't perfect but he's God's annointed because he was the only one who could have beat the wicked witch Hillary Clinton.  The democratic party wants totally open borders which will of course destroy our country!  The democratic party wants to take our guns and destroy the economy of the country by providing our money to illegals while Americans and veterans get nothing.  There are only two groups of people who will still vote for a democrat.   Morons who still believe the lies of the fake news and evil people who really think it's okay to kill God's babies with abortions.  No true Christian can vote for a baby killing democrat because God said "Thou Shall Not Kill!".   End of Story!

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Comment by Short Stuff on July 2, 2019 at 5:35pm

Quit calling it the "Democratic" party, it is the "Democrat" party, and they are anything but "democratic". They should be called the Socialist party. They freely admit they are pushing "democratic socialism", whatever that is, but they are just one step from Communism.

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