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GMO alert: Eating GM wheat may destroy your liver, warn scientists



Thursday, September 13, 2012
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of

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NaturalNews) Genetically engineered wheat contains an enzyme suppressor that,  when consumed by humans, could cause permanent liver failure (and death). That's  the warning issued today by molecular biologist Jack Heinemann of the University of Canterbury in Australia.
Heinemann has published an eye-opening report that details this warning and calls for  rigorous scientific testing on animals before this crop is ever consumed by  humans. The enzyme suppressor in the wheat, he says, might also attack a human  enzyme that produces glycogen. Consumers who eat genetically modified  wheat would end up contaminating their bodies with this enzyme-destroying wheat,  causing their own livers to be unable to produce glycogen, a hormone molecule  that helps the body regulate blood sugar metabolism. This, in turn, would lead  to liver failure.
"What we found is that the molecules created in  this wheat, intended to silence wheat genes, can match human genes, and through  ingestion, these molecules can enter human beings and potentially silence our  genes," said Heinemann in a press conference on the threat of GM wheat (
"We  found over 770 pages of potential matches between these two genes in wheat and  the human genome," he continued. "We found over a dozen matches that are  extensive and identical, and sufficient to cause silencing in experimental  systems. The findings are absolutely assured. There's no doubt that these  matches exist. ...from this information, we know that it's plausible there will  be an adverse effect and therefore that's why we're calling for a particular  battery of experiments to be done before humans eat this  wheat."
Professor Judy Carman, biochemist and director of the IHER,  Flinders University, Adelaide, added: "If this silences the same sort of gene in  us -- as it silences in the wheat -- then, well, children who are born with this  enzyme not working tend to die by the age of about five. And adults with  this problem, just kind of get more and more sick, and more and more tired,  until they get very very ill indeed."
She continues, "Before this comes  near any human feeding studies, you need to undertake thorough animal safety  assessments, where you actually look to see if the animals get sick. So you need  to see if this genetic modification survives digestion and gets into the bodies  of the animals. You need to see what effect it has on them. You need to do  proper long-term toxicology studies... you need to check for cancer, you need to  see if there are any reproductive problems, and you need to check for  allergies..."

GMO pushers want you and your children to be the guinea pigs

As you  consider this information, keep in mind that GMO pushers want you and your  children to eat GMOs that have never been safety tested on anyone! You are  simply supposed to believe in the safety of GMOs, like a cult followers,  without any scientific evidence proving it.
In today's corporate-run  quack science agricultural system, YOU are the human guinea pigs. There is no  science behind the safety of GMOs, and in fact the real science shows that GMOs  cause infertility, sickness and disease in the animal tests that have  been done. GMOs are a threat to humanity, and those who promote them are  junk science villains who have sold their souls to the criminal biotechnology  industry.
The GMO industry is so evil that it doesn't even want you to  know you're eating GMOs! That's why industry giants are funneling tens of  millions of dollars into a scheme to try to defeat Proposition 37 in California  ( which would legally mandate the  labeling of GMOs on food products.
Even popular brands that "sound"  natural are actually fighting against GMO labeling: Kashi, Larabar, Cascadian  Farm, R.W. Knudsen, Silk and other brands have all betrayed consumers and  are now the subject of a global Natural News boycott.
Click here to see the infographic.

Australian regulators sell out to Monsanto

In commenting on all this, Dr  Brian John of GM-Free Cymru said:
"What we see here is yet another  example of a GM wheat variety released into the environment without any proper  assessment of health and safety issues. CSIRO and the Australian and New Zealand  regulators have long had a strategy of promoting GM crops which nobody actually  wants, with a degree of enthusiasm that verges on criminal negligence. We see a  very similar scenario in the UK, where GM wheat is being grown at Rothamsted in  spite of strong public opposition and in spite of zero market demand, just to  satisfy the whims of politicians and multinational corporations. It is high time  for this absurd and dangerous experiment with GM technology to be stopped in its  tracks, since new evidence of harm to health and the environment now seems to be  appearing on a weekly basis." (
See  the background on CSIRO here:
It shows  that CSIRO has financial ties to Monsanto and other biotech companies.

Read the expert scientific opinion reports

(Thanks due to  for this list.)
Professor  Jack Heinemann's Expert Scientific Opinion
Professor Judy Carman's Expert Scientific Opinion
Professor Michael Antoniou's Expert Scientific  Appraisal of Heinem...
Heinemann's Expert Scientific Opinion: Appendix 1
Heinemann's Expert Scientific  Opinion: Appendix 2
Safe Food Foundation media release on the  opinions
ABBREVIATIONS CSIRO = Commonwealth Scientific and  Industrial Research Organisation FSANZ = Food Standards Australia New  Zealand OGTR = Office of the Gene Technology Regulator

Background on Jack Heinemann

I  am a molecular biologist. I have been an academic at the University of  Canterbury since 1994. Prior to that, I was employed by the US National  Institutes of Health. My doctorate was conferred by the University of Oregon at  Eugene (1989) and my Bachelor of Science (with honours) degree from the  University of Wisconsin, Madison (1985). I am involved in risk assessment  research and participate in risk assessment through evaluation of assessments  provided to regulatory bodies and through the development of international  guidance documents for risk assessment. I have over 100 scholarly works  published on the topic of molecular biology, genetics, risk assessment and other  scientific matters within my expertise. I publish in leading international  journals and my work has been recognised by prestigious professional  organisations for its excellence.
Sources for this story  include: GM Watch

Watch the presentation of Jack Heinemann

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