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Using Mind to Create Reality

There is just NO Way any person who’s interested in mind power, law of attraction, self help, success, spirituality will fail when using…

The three basic steps to working. You raise the energy. You program the energy. You direct the energy. When you begin raising the energy, it means to KNOW what force is being charged, which means knowing when charging is happening. Learning is a form of charging mind, preparing for discharging. Critical at this phase is the programmatic aspect previous to discharge, or DIRECTING energy. Directing the energy is application, and you continue to program it, while you visualize it doing what you want it to do. This is the core knowledge of using mind to create reality. One should be powerful enough to influence one’s environment using the power of one’s mind alone without having to rely upon props. Habit is the path to true power as it gives you control of your mind.

First, you have to understand clearly you are working with energy. The the stronger that KNOWING feeling, the better. The stronger your own energy, the more energy you will naturally be able to raise, direct, and handle. The more experienced you are, the easier this becomes. All of this is like working a muscle. The more you work with it, the stronger it becomes. You raise the energy and should feel it strongly, COHERENTLY,  as a unit or unity throughout your entire body. The muscle is not a physical but an etheric muscle. You can develop the capacity to feel and direct the energy more strongly with your feeling.

The second step is to program the energy. Program means you must tell it what you want it to do. Energy all by itself is pretty much neutral and inert. You must use what are called “affirmations.” “Affirmations” are short, to the point phrases in the present tense that are repeated to program the energy. They are the programming commands that you insert into the matrix of reality to manifest the desired outcome. Affirmations themselves are the intention. Programmed energy is what causes changes in reality.

REPEAT affirmations with intent, five to ten times or more, in your mind. You can also visualize energy throughout the day and state your affirmations a few times to reinforce the working. Thought is strengthened by the words we use. High and ancient sciences call them “words of power”, while mainstream society calls them affirmations. They are words of power because they are specially crafted in such a way as to have power over reality. Visualization plus energy and affirmation is the power of mind, amplified.

We amplify our practice through the habit of energy we devote to it. Affirmations, visualizations, spells/words, rituals/habitual behaviors, i.e. training, and self-talk are examples of action that creators take to inject their own energy into their life of mind or mental work. These put energy into an intention which is feeding it. It nourishes it and makes it grow stronger, thereby bringing us closer to our goal. What you focus on expands. Focusing energy is focusing mind and emotional energy to your intended goal. This is why passion creates greatly.

The third step is to direct the energy. You do this through visualization. Visualized as a white-gold light, shining brilliant like the Sun, visualize this brilliant energy either around your entire self and/or around whatever it is that you want. Visualize in your mind whatever it is occurring now and visualize the energy lighting it up. The actual visualization of energy is what creates and move energy in the etheric realm. This truth is revealed in ancient knowledge.

Now, forget about the working and try to think of other things. Just let it go and know it is working. The state of mind or attitude that it is working is your alignment and faith in yourself or the universe. You can also visualize energy throughout the day and state your affirmations a few times to reinforce the working. This is the WAY of living your life and influencing your reality with your imagination and energy from time to time.  APPLICATION of this little knowledge is what gives you the power to create reality.

Total focus is essential in all great workings. It doesn’t matter if the environment is full of distractions, one should always maintain total focus. This comes with having a trained mind. Total focus should always be maintained regardless of how intense distractions may be. Just keep doing what you are doing without letting outside distractions interfere. When we focus and concentrate to the point where we are not even aware of anything else going on around us, this is when we have the most power.

There are many different ways of empowering one’s self and overcoming limitations, both physical and psychic, without having to resort to harmful actions. For example, advanced martial arts training gives one an enormous amount of power. This, when properly directed and applied can accomplish all kinds of feats. Most martial artists do not have the knowledge of how to apply this power outside of physical combat. Those who know, do. Energy goes beyond physical use and has its application in creative work.

Martial artists know how to direct their bio-electrical “Chi” to smash through concrete and bricks. Ever think what that kind of energy would do to one of those sensitive mind reading machines when strong enough and properly directed? People are fascinated with power being displayed in martial arts films and superhero shows. This is because it triggers something within that subliminally tells them that there is more to the power of a human being than they are aware of. The true power is power of mind.

Enlightenment is the path of knowledge. With knowledge comes understanding. We build on the knowledge we have. With the knowledge and enlightenment we have, we will never regress, but continue to grow. Knowledge makes regression impossible. This is where everything ties in and begins to make sense and form a picture. When this seems like coincidence, it is known as synchronicity, which we will address in future posts. With knowledge, when we walk through a door, it is permanently slammed shut behind us and the only direction to go is to continue forward. Spiritual growth is conscioussness growth.

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