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Note: This story is VERY important because it shows how we have been lied to about so many things and the truth is that cavities can be healed in many cases.  I urge you to share it on all social networks to send the truth VIRAL so people can learn the truth.   If you are a truth warrior please Friend Me on Facebook and get my free ebook on how to spread 1,000 times more truth using simple tips!  Visit my Youtube channel also and LIKE this important Page on Facebook!  We have no more time!  If everybody spreads as much truth as possible we can break through the lies we have been told about everything.  


If you ask most people whether or not a cavity can heal, the answer you would get 99% of the time is that it is impossible.  Even conventional dentists would agree with this assessment. Ask a typical dentist at a routine cleaning whether you can heal a cavity on your own and he/she is likely to look at you like you’re crazy (I know this from experience).

In stark contrast to this current conventional “wisdom”, Dr. Weston A. Price DDS wrote of numerous situations in his dental practice back in the 1920′s and 1930′s where cavities healedwith no need for drilling and filling.  Dr. Price discovered through research that cavities are caused by nutritional deficiency and when this nutritional deficiency is corrected, the cavity heals. If you think about this in an open-minded manner leaving all preconceived ideas about cavities behind, doesn’t this make sense?  Shouldn’t the body be able to heal a cavity just like it heals a broken bone or a cut on your arm?  Why would teeth be any different from a broken wrist after all?

Having read Dr. Price’s epic work Nutrition and Physical Degeneration some years ago, I’ve been of the school of thought that cavities can indeed be healed with proper nutrition for some time.  But believing something intellectually and knowing it works from experience are two very different things, are they not?

Note: Doctors and Dentists have been brainwashed by the system to believe what they are taught in medical schools and nothing else.   They are not taught that the body can heal itself if given the right nutrition.  In fact, Dr. Dunegan was told by Dr. Day (head of planned parenthood) in 1969 that the Rockefeller Foundation actually had the cures for 98% of all cancers at that time but that they wouldn't be released because there were too many people in the world and they had to die of something!  This information can be heard in this video.  "NWO Insider Reveals Entire NWO Plan in 1969!"

For this reason, I am very excited to relay to you a recent story regarding one of my children.  You see, my oldest child recently developed a cavity in his top right lateral incisor.  It was behind the tooth right on the gumline.  My husband noticed it one night as he was checking his teeth to see if he was doing a good job brushing and flossing (he’s way too old for nightly brushing by Mom or Dad).

There was a definite hole in the tooth and not a small one either.  My husband called me over to take a look and I was alarmed to see the hole and I used a rubber tipped tooth probe that we have on hand to check how deep it was.   The tip of the probe went way into the hole.   There was no doubt that this was a cavity, and we both agreed that we needed to get it filled pronto.  Our reasoning was that the incisors are very prominent teeth and taking a chance that the nutritional approach would not work quickly enough to save the tooth was a big concern for us especially given that our soon to be teenager’s diet could likely not be controlled closely enough to ensure rapid success.

I called the dentist right away and made an appointment. In the meantime, I began insisting that my son take 3 butter oil capsules every morning along with his normal, daily teaspoon of fermented cod liver oil.  I’ve always been pretty strict about the daily cod liver oil dose before school, but a bit slack about the butter oil along with it to be perfectly honest.

Note: I also did research on the Internet regarding this subject because I had a small cavity that was beginning to hurt me and the dentist wanted hundreds of dollars to fix it.  So I did some experimenting on my own body and actually have already partially healed this cavity it doesn't hurt anymore!  I treated myself with some products I found on Amazon.  I take 2 pills of "100% Natural Eggshell Calcium with Vitamin D3" daily.  This type of calcium was found by others to work well.  I also started brushing my teeth with "Vita-Myr" Zink Plus" toothpaste that contains silica, myrrh clove oil, and grape seed extract.  I really love this toothpaste!  I also goth the "Vita-Myr" Zinc Plus Herbal Mouthwash" and swish a small amount of that in my mouth for 30 seconds before spitting it out after I brush my teeth.  So far the pain is gone and my teeth have whitened so I'm very happy!

Not anymore. With this big hole in the back of his incisor, I knew that he needed to take both together.  Dr. Price discovered that cavities healed faster when these two therapeutic and nourishing oils were taken together.  The dentist appointment was a few weeks out, so I continued with the butter oil capsules every single day.  I also told my son that he really needed to go back to his breakfast of two slices of toast each morning with raw butter and honey instead of tahini and honey which is what he had been having in recent months. He was fine with that as he loves raw butter and had just gotten out of the routine of having it every morning like he usually did.  Did this simple change of breakfast have an impact on the development of his cavity? Probably.  I didn’t change anything else.  He didn’t go off grains and he still ate the occasional sugar junk that he gets at school (it was Easter time so this type of stuff was rampant).  He is almost a teenager, after all.  Try to take all grains and sugars out of their diet and you are going to get a rebellion.  Kids need to learn some things on their own.

I’ve found you can’t protect your kids from this stuff and raise them in a bubble – you can only teach them to be wise and they will learn moderation on their own over time.  On a side note, I was pleased to see that at a party following his class’s Poetry Day recently that he bypassed the big bottles of soda and Hershey bars that were being handed out afterward (no, I’m not kidding).  I was very very proud of him.  He knew that eating that stuff would give him a couple of zits for sure and make him feel lousy all afternoon and probably the next day too.  We Moms have to celebrate little victories along the way, don’t we?!

Anyway, back to the cavity story.  As it turned out, the day before his dental appointment, the receptionist calls to say that the appointment needed to be rescheduled as the dentist had to unexpectedly go out of town for family reasons.   This pushed out the appointment for another couple of weeks, but all the while, we continued with the 3 capsules of butter oil with a teaspoon of fermented cod liver oil after a breakfast of 2 slices of raw butter and honey toast.  Last weekend, I decided to take a peek at the cavity to see if it was getting any worse.  It had been about a month since my husband discovered it and I was a bit concerned given that it was one of his top front teeth.  I took a flashlight and he tipped his head back and I looked, and looked, and LOOKED!


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Comment by mikethedds on April 14, 2013 at 1:52pm

My photo is still there.  Please remove.

Comment by mikethedds on April 6, 2013 at 6:51pm

The copyrighted photo of the "cavity" in this article was stolen - used without permission.  Please remove it.

Comment by Catalina Andrews Mujica on February 8, 2013 at 12:26pm

My friend, you are completely wrong! I'm actually a dentist, and what the doctor you quote was trying to say is that you can PREVENT cavities by reducing sugar or any other carbohydrates ingestion, because they act as "food" for the different bacteria that stick to the surface of your teeth (responsible for the cavities). But the thing is, enamel CANNOT regenerate because it doesn't have the cells that are in charge of tissue regeneration. In fact, enamel is only mineral deposits, it doesn't have cells. Now, we don't see copper mines, or gold mines grow gold or copper again, do we? What you probably saw in your child's tooth was dentinary subproducts because of the inflamation, and these can be very hard and "fill the cavity". Greetings!

Comment by Ebby Tremain on December 26, 2012 at 11:30am

Utter bunkum.  Once the rot, yes, thats right the rot has set in, you need to get that tooth drilled and filled.  Of course you can prevent further cavities by changing your diet, however you cannot  heal a tooth this way.  You might at well state that you had a chipped tooth, ate raw butter for 2 weeks and the enamel re grew!  Go to your dentist on a regular basis folks, a healthy smile is a happy smile. :)

Comment by KimBicks on December 18, 2012 at 7:26pm

I have read Weston Price's book AND I'm a dental hygienist and I'm sorry to tell you that you misinterpreted what you read.  Mr.  Price is saying you can PREVENT future cavities by changing your diet but you can NOT reverse the decay process by food once it has started.  Especially by eating a different topping on your toast for a few weeks.  I hope people don't actually heed your advice and skip their dental appointment so long that their small cavity ends up needing a root canal :(

Comment by Subliminal Writer on January 16, 2012 at 6:31pm

I have a massive cavity hole in my back left tooth, we shall see if this medicine works. 

Comment by Freedom Seeker on January 7, 2012 at 9:09am

You are so welcome!  :)

Comment by Flor Lozano-Byrne on January 5, 2012 at 11:16pm

Thanks for sharing!

Comment by Treven Gee on December 24, 2011 at 12:47am

very interesting.

Comment by Freedom Seeker on December 22, 2011 at 9:12pm

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