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I finally learned how I can easily lose weight through my friend T.J. He had been the one to get me to try Prodovite when he told me he used it to lose 60 pounds in 6 months! I wish I would have figured his secret out 10 years ago!

I've been struggling with losing my extra weight for a while now. It seems like no matter what I did I couldn't lose it no matter how hard I worked out. I would just maintain the same weight pretty much. Here's what T.J. taught me to really melt the pounds off! First I began taking Prodovite and their other product called N-Sorb which is a digestive enzyme. I take a capful of Prodovite in the morning and one capful right before bed. I take the N-Sorb enzymes 30 minutes before bed on an empty stomach. To keep me on track T.J told me I must get a free app on my phone called “MyFitnessPal”.   This app monitors everything I eat.  So I got the app and started my journey on November 11th at a whopping 215 pounds.  Yeah I know I was way too heavy for my 5' 10" frame!

This app is GREAT and was super important for my success because it let me put in my height and weight and let me set my goal on how much weight I wanted to lose per week. It tracked all my calories for me and had everything you could imagine in its database so you could search for anything you were going to eat to see how much calories it would be. On the first day I put in my goal of losing 1 pound per week which is what it recommended. Then it told me how many calories I could eat for that day. You can just search for any food you can think of and even fast food.  You can search for something “Wendy Single Burger” and select it and it tells you how much that will be in calories etc. It has everything you can imagine in the app. I didn't worry about anything but calories. This app makes you appreciate your food and cut out all soft drinks and sweets. I just drank water and no sweets or snacks.

I don't normally eat breakfast anyway so I saved up all my calories from the “MyFitnessPal” app for lunch and dinner. The Prodovite let me easily skip breakfast without being hungry at all even if I had a late lunch! I always weigh myself first thing in the morning before I get dressed so it's always consistent. You want to weight yourself in the morning before you drink any water. The first day I started was Sunday so I weighed myself on Monday morning. I didn't see any difference in weight after one day which would be expected since my goal was only 1 pound per week!

At this point I decided I survived my first day without starving so I cranked the app up to the max goal of losing two pounds per week and my goal was to always come in slightly below the number of calories it told me I could have for the day. It became sort of like a video game to me. I wanted to make sure I went slightly under my allowed calories per day so I could keep my streak going. I could choose how I would use those calories.

Usually I liked to eat more of my calories at lunch since it's better to go to bed without as much in your stomach. I made sure I did my Prodovite in the morning and right before bed. I made sure to take my Nsorb enzymes 30 minutes before I went to bed also since my friend T.J. told me they worked great as long as you made sure not to drink soft drinks as the high fructose corn syrup would negate them. When your using the “MyFitnessPal” app to count up your calories you want something like a juicy burger much more than a coke or a sweet that will be very unsatisfying! I couldn't imagine blowing the calories on a soft drink or sweet tea anyway. I wanted filling food at lunch and dinner!  I usually ate about 800 to 1000 calories for lunch and 500 to 700 calories for my dinner.

I decided to not even weight myself the next day which was Tuesday and just check it the following day to see if the scale moved at all yet. To my surprise I had lost 5 pounds already! I started on Sunday and on Wednesday I was down to 210. I lost 5 pounds in 4 days without doing any exercise and was not hungry at all! This is why I was excited to add this to my ebook for those of you who want to get the best nutrition and lose weight too. I will update my ebook as my journey continues but I'm sure I will do very well because T.J. is still losing weight with this routine. He just got back from a cruise and lost 2 pounds during the cruise! That's pretty impressive in my book.  

UPDATE: it's now November 28th and I'm down to 201.6 pounds!  So I actually have lost 13.4 pounds in 17 days which is way over what the app said I should lose so I believe the difference is the Prodovite which allows me to eat slightly under my calories and skip breakfast without being hungry at all.  I haven't been this low in a long long time!  I can't wait to go under 200 soon!

If you want to try this weight loss plan just go to and buy some Prodovite and Nsorb. I suggest you sign up as a representative and get on Autoship for both Prodovite and Nsorb so you save money. Even if you don't need to lose weight then just become a rep and get (2) Prodovites per month or try one of their other great products. If you sign up at you will get contacted by a rep who can answer any questions also. Or you can call my team at 888-809-8385 Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm EST.

Here's a brief presentation on why you MUST try this Prodovite product.  I know I wouldn't have been able to lose 13.4 pounds in 17 days without Prodovite and my N-Sorb enzymes.   Plus I get 100% absorption of all the vitamins and minerals I need so I don't need to take anything else.  The Prodovite allowed me to skip breakfast without being hungry at all!  I will keep you guys up to date as I continue to progress to my final goal!  If you have any questions about Prodovite you can call my team Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm EST at 888-809-8385.

Prodovite Presentation - You'll Throw Away All Your Vitamins! 100% ... from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

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