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If you know anybody that has cancer or any other health condition, send them to Dr. Coldwell's website and ask his staff any questions you have.





Dr. Coldwell Interview



Here's another great video series from Dr. Coldwell!

















Dr. Leonard Coldwell destroyed the lies of the medical establishment regarding cancer on Radio Nsearch last night.  

You can listen to this great 3 hour interview at the bottom of the article.


Some of the highlights in the interview.


Dr. Coldwell could have easily cured Steve Jobs' cancer as he has over 96% of all his patients.  In fact, Dr. Coldwell has NEVER lost a patient that he was able to treat BEFORE they got traditional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy. 


Chemotherapy only has a 2% cure rate and they consider you cured if you live 5 years from the time you were told you have cancer!   Ask your cancer doctor to talk to some of his patients that lived 10 years with their cancer and he won't be able to give you anybody to talk to because they are all dead!


Cancer is just your bodies' way of dealing with toxins so the first thing you must do is cleanse your entire body at one time. The medical establishment make billions by the treatment of the cancer but their treatments do not cure.  Radiation and chemotherapy will never cure cancer - they make it worse because your body can't heal itself properly.


Dr. Coldwell has started a church in order to be able to legally share all the cures to cancer without prosecution.  Since this church is NOT tax deductible the government has no power over it!  To join this church and get access to all the cures go to and sign up to be on his newsletter!''


Nobody has to die from cancer!  It's a scam to take your money and kill you with the treatments that they KNOW don't cure you.  PLEASE forward this interview to everybody you know so we can spread the word that there are hundreds of cures for cancer right now!  Tell everybody you know that Dr. Coldwell has a PERFECT record of curing cancer if you have NOT already done chemotherapy and he has over a 96% cure rate even if you have already done traditional medical treatment!  This interview needs to be shared with EVERYBODY you know!  God bless








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Comment by Lorren philips on November 6, 2014 at 6:46am

I got highly inspired when I read the book “the only answer to cancer” written by Dr. Leonard Coldwell. It is written in a simplest language and is very informative. I have already purchased 5 more copies of it and distributed among my relatives. I recommend this book high. you can also get his book online from amazon

Comment by Nia Marco on October 13, 2014 at 6:27pm
Dr Leonard Coldwell I'm big fan of yours, I've attended almost 70% of your seminars with my friend Richard who was suffering from cancer till last year. and what saved him you and your seminars, blogs and videos over youtube. thank you Dr Leonard Coldwell.

And for others readers who is reading this blog don't just read this blog goto his website and see how he cured thousands of people from cancer , watch his videos over internet. and if you're or your someone known suffering from cancer must read his book The only answer to cancer

Official website:
Books on Amazon:
Youtube Videos :
Seminars and Events :
Instinct Based Medicine Store :
Comment by Peter Hwakins on October 12, 2014 at 11:53am
thank you Dr Coldwell for this great interview.. and from your early blog and book i just helped myself to cure from Cancer. thanks a lot Coldwell . And your book "The Only Answer To Cancer" at
Comment by Curt Smith on September 15, 2014 at 2:31am

I attended a seminar of Dr. Leonard Coldwell in Dallan.  I am not a seminar-lover but I really liked the session. It was quite interesting. I am so inspired that I am waiting for the other one.

Comment by Vadim Shapoval on May 4, 2014 at 9:58am

Shocking information about cancer, how to prevent it, how to cure it, and how the medical industry makes BIG money! Dr. Leonard Coldwell recommends using natural cancer cures as opposed to traditional cancer treatments. Wrong ideas about cancer can lead to needless worry and even hinder good prevention and treatment decisions. Iron/cancer information is suppressed; War on Cancer is largely a fraud; cancer researchers and Big Pharma invent scientific myths/misconceptions because cancer is big business and those who are profiting have great financial interest in seeing the deadly trend continue to increase. Cancer is a disease of the cells in the body. The genes control the functions of the cell. Organelles are little organs of the cell. Some researchers believe that cancers are caused by DNA damage that accumulates over a person's lifetime. The body has anti-iron mechanisms which may protect from developing cancer: not all smokers (Stalin, Churchill) develop cancer of the lung. The Father of Oncology (Vadim Shapoval) says that a cell needs to have iron overload (when excess iron accumulates within cellular organelles) before it becomes cancerous. Iron homeostasis must be tightly controlled on both the systemic and cellular levels to provide just the right amounts of iron at all times. Intracellular iron overload affects: 1) DNA and chromosomes (genetic chaos; chromothripsis); 2) mitochondria (mitochondrial dysfunction; mutations in mitochondrial genes); 3) lysosomes (tumor cells may be immortal); 4) cytoplasm (tumor cells are typically hypermetabolic); 5) cytoplasmic membrane (tumor cells show no contact inhibition; tumor cells grow in an uncontrolled manner even when in contact with neighboring cells). In inherited forms of cancer, parents give their sons and daughters abnormal iron metabolism within various organs (breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, familial melanoma). Iron disorders are inherited and can be confirmed with genetic testing. Genes that maintain iron homeostasis may facilitate iron uptake, storage or egress, or the regulation of any of these processes. The spectrum of known disorders of iron metabolism has expanded dramatically over the past years. Any cancer is caused by iron-related genes (numerous genes directly/indirectly involved in iron metabolism / hereditary cancers) and iron-related events (when excess iron accumulates within the cells, tissues, and organs due to various carcinogenic lifestyle events / sporadic cancers). According to the Ferromagnetic Cancer Theory (Theory from the Old Testament; Iron Conception), any cancer is a subtle iron disease; a form of iron lottery. Ceramic needles can suppress any tumors and large metastases; can quickly create harmless infiltrations (harmless necroses; deposits of cells that die; benign capsules); can enter solution [sulfur (2%) + olive oil (98%); 36.6C - 39.0C] to tumors and large metastases. Anti-iron slow blood loss (even 75%) [hemoglobin control], anti-iron goat’s milk diet and anti-iron drinking water containing hydrogen sulfide can neutralize any micro-metastases and isolated cancerous cells. In 2012 alone, about 14 million people were diagnosed with cancer, and 8.2 million people lost their fight to the disease. By 2030, 27 million new cancer cases and 17 million cancer deaths will occur each year worldwide? Project Nsearch & Medical News Today & News-Medical.Net & TIME & Google, YouTube, YAHOO!, Facebook & Vadim Shapoval

Comment by Barbara Kenkel on May 7, 2013 at 5:37am

Thank you for this life saving information.God bless your soul. What an Amazing man you Indeed Are.I was also told that Canabinol puts Cancer into remisson.But it is Not a Fact.

Comment by Alexandria Ruffner on March 6, 2012 at 5:27am

What an amazing man. It's sad that his name isn't naturally brought up when people are talking about cancer when he could cure them. 

Comment by Papouche Desir on January 28, 2012 at 7:19pm

where's the link to listen to that interview... Any help will be appreciated...Thanks

Comment by Jane Bellamy on December 30, 2011 at 4:03pm

This man is doing sterling work..he deserves a medal...

Comment by Marc H. on November 29, 2011 at 9:05am

need to get in touch with dr. coldwell, personally (health issue).


can somebody tell me how to reach him? thanks - RT

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