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I lost one of my Youtube channels after I put this information about a definite man made structure on Mars in 2011.   At the time, I duplicated it on Google Mars using the coordinates in the video and it was exactly as you see in this clip!  Now, if you go to the coordinates listed in the description the data is missing!  The evil trolls came out hard when I uploaded this again.  This thing is 750 feet long and 150 feet wide!   

Because the truth went viral and Illuminati gatekeeper Michio Kaku couldn't put the people back to sleep with his lies, they took the drastic action of deleting the data entirely so nobody can ever see this striation again!  John Lear and many others have come out with and said their sources report there are people living on the Moon and Mars.  Why don't they tell you?  Simple, if they told you then you would find out about the secret space program and be pretty angry you were being made to pay high prices to drive your car when free energy has been around for over 100 years that would allow you to drive forever at no cost!  They've got to hide all the high tech advancements from you and simply give you a slightly upgraded iPhone every year to keep you happy.  

Get a nice laugh as the NWO whore Michio Kaku lies to your face and says this is a cosmic ray hitting the camera!  What a joke!  This lie by the Fake News and Michio Kaku was exposed so badly they made Google take down the data from Google Mars!  

Spread this around so people know the truth!  According to whistleblowers such as John Lear, Andrew Basiago and many others, we've been on Mars for many decades now!  Nikola Tesla patented a flying saucer craft that lifted off using electromagnetic forces over 100 years ago but they still keep lying to us saying we have to use rockets!   It's a con game to keep you a slave.  It only works if you believe anything on the fake news.

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Comment by bill smith on December 10, 2017 at 2:37pm

Denial is partly a survival tool in that it protects the individual from information they can't process. It can also be a danger to survival.  Why is it so difficult to consider that certain groups of people have kept secrets from the rest of us which have enabled them to gain and keep control of the world?  There are only two possibilities. One is that there is a massive conspiracy of disinformation which would also include manufacturing and 'hiding' key archeological evidence for later 'discovery'  and the cooperative effort by thousands of researchers, scientist, government whistle blowers and inventors to mislead the masses for some unspecified reason. 

OR Two, that the bulk of what is being said is true and in my view impossible to dismiss without serious consideration.   And as Glen has pointed out, the quantum zero point energy systems and other advances would threaten the current energy monopoly,  and health care systems. Those 'on top' have way too much to lose and have already bought and shelved thousands of inventions that could change the world.

Example: something I stumbled on. After moving and meeting a new neighbor, we were talking one day and he told me this story.   He had been a plumber on long Island New York in the early 80s and was installing 6 additional bathrooms in an addition to a mansion on the island. One day he happened to meet the owner who was checking in with the contractor. It so happened they got talking about sports the conversation continued. My new friend was surprised to find the mansions owner to be very young in his mid 20s and asked him how he made his fortune. The young owner stumbled at first saying that he really wasn't supposed to talk about it...but went on to say that he had invented a carburetor that doubled any cars mileage regardless of the make or engine size. My friend quickly asked him where he could buy one!   To which the young owner responded that a large energy company had bought the invention and shelved it. He said the  agreement also stated that he could not divulge any information about the contract.

So what am I to conclude? Is this guy just part of a massive disinformation conspiracy? or he just another compromised inventor telling his story?

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