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We ALL Have Lyme Disease! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

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Watch the above video filmed in a secret lab and discover the amazing truth about the nasty stuff that has been put in all of our blood!   The nasties are called bacteria spirochetes and they're in your blood right now robbing you of cellular energy and compromising your immune system!    You'll learn all about them in the video above.   When I saw this video, I had to try the product for myself!   I saw amazing results just as the inventor said I would!   Huge energy, mental clarity, higher metabolism, better immune system and ridding my body of toxins are what I noticed.  I was impressed so much I began selling the product at and I'm going to offer the ability for all truth warriors who believe in the product to share it and earn also very soon.  This will be ready in the next 2 weeks for all my newsletter subscribers.  You can email me at if you're interested in the product also.

The Illuminati know all about this stuff and that's why they made sure they put the DEAD Cooper II which is blue in color in all the vitamins and supplements!  This is actually worse than not taking any because this bad copper II replaces the good Copper I your body gets from food sources.  So taking a vitamin or mineral supplement with the dead copper II which is 99.99% of all vitamins is actually worse for you than not taking any vitamins or minerals because the bad copper can accumulate and cause many issues!

Here's more information on how the ancients KNEW about the importance of copper for their health!  Very good information showing that a lack of good bioavailable copper causes all types of health problems.  Not a single vitamin in your home has the bioavailable copper!   They only have the dead Copper II which your body can't absorb!

The Biggest NWO Conspiracy! Copper Depletion! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Who cares about the Federal Reserve and other conspiracies when you find out they're literally taking 45 years off our life span and sometimes much more by making our blood more acidic or more alkaline than the perfect 7.0 pH level God intended.  The researcher who did the above video shows how a lack of the good copper has taken decades off our life span!  It's the big secret no doctor will tell you about because they don't know!  They were educated by the evil Rockefellers to sell pharmaceuticals that kill you!

They lie to us about everything.  We know this.  I just learned something amazing covered in this video and I thought I was pretty awake!  It turns out all the vitamins out there contain Copper II or inorganic copper that is blue in color.  Dr. George Brewer now has the research that proves that this inorganic copper builds up in our body and gives us Alzheimers and many other problems!  It also makes us copper deficient because our body can't use copper II or inorganic copper.  Our body can only use bioavailable copper.  Read about his study here.

I've researched diseases caused by deficiencies in bioavailable copper and there are a bunch. Here's just a few: osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis,cardiovascular disease, colon cancer, cancer, dementia, heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, C.O.P.D., gastro-intenstional disease, eye disease, head ache, urogenital diseases, Blood Pressure / Hypertension, Hyper acidity, Anemia (Blood shortage), Gastro : entities, Rheumatism (Pain in joints/muscles), Dysentery, General Paralysis, Rectal Piodapse, Obesity, Constipation, Arthritis, Hostorthobics, Sinusitis, Diabetes, Tachycardia, Eye diseases, Giddiness, Ophthalmic Hemorrhage & Ophthalmic, Cough, (Reddish eye), Asthma, Irregular Menstruation, Bronchitis, Leukemia, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Uterus Cancer, Meningitis, Breast cancer, Kidney stones, Laryngitis, Lyme disease and much more!

Taking this bad form of copper called Copper (II) found in EVERY vitamin changes your blood pH and causes all types of diseases because the bad copper stops the good bioavailable Copper called Copper (I) from getting to your cells!  Your cells need the Copper (I) to operate and fight diseases!  The medical system is telling us to take vitamins which have the BAD copper (II) in them!  The vitamins are actually killing us by filling up our bodies with the bad copper (II) which our body can't use and makes it so we become copper deficient!

The chart below shows the amount of lifespan that has already been taken away from the general population. Note that the blood pH was no longer neutral 500 years ago when the copper depletion/iron poisoning started on a mass scale.

7.00 Neutral; lifespan of 120 years, that God never changed

7.39 Alkaline in the late 1800's severe alkalosis

7.40 lifespan of 75 years; set to 7.40 in 1900 until 1975;the “normal blood pH” – loss of 45 years of lifespan & youth

7.43 set up to this value in about 1980

7.45 according to official science alkalosis starts at this point

7.54 set up by 2006

7.55 45% die sustaining this pH; set up 2013/2014; final phase

7.65 80% die sustaining this pH

7.70 death within days or less upon reaching this pH

7.80 death within hours of reaching this pH

6.9 Acidic; higher concentration than what is required

6.85 lifespan decreases by ~40 years. (pH is estimated)

6.8 diabetes, acidosis, kidneys start shutting down, heart failure

6.79 death

If you want to be involved in spreading the word about bioavailable copper, I'm opening this up for all truth warriors so just email me at and get on my Newsletter so I can tell you when this is ready!  Should be in about two weeks!  

Miracle Copper Treatment.  All truth warriors will be given the opportunity to earn money within 2 weeks!

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