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Trudeau Eyebrow Falls Off, Dad Pedophile!

Trudeau's eyebrow Falls Off - Dad Raped Kids! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

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Make sure you tweet this to Donald Trump @potus and @realdonaldtrump as he'll get a nice chuckle from this one!

Not only did President Trump expose this fake Justin Trudeau as a backstabber and liar, but God struck back on him also as happens to all who attack God's anointed!   At a G-7 interview after Trump left, Justin Trudeau's fake eyebrow fell off!  You can't make this stuff up!  Is this guy an alien?   This is insane?  Does Trudeau shave his eybrows off and then put the caterpillars on there to man up?

Oh but it gets much worse!  I thought I had remembered that Cathy Obrien had mentioned Justin's father Pierre Trudeau as one of the men who raped her and I was right!   Here's the clip where MK-Ultra vicim Cathy Obrien talks about Justin's daddy who raped kids!   All the truth is now coming out about the pedophiles who ran our country before Trump took over and all about Justin Trudeau's daddy and other leader's of Canada!  All new world order pig pedophiles!   

Get this out everywhere!  Send it to your friends in Canada who will get a kick of it for sure.  All who attack Donald Trump will be destroyed one way or another!   All who support him will be blessed as Kanye West who was one of the few with the guts to stick up for God's anointed in the entertainment business!   Keep spreading the truth!  Email me at and if you support God's chosen Donald Trump, join my newsletter at

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