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When A Gracious Free Gift Has To Be Earned....

“What do you mean , Salvation is free? I know it’s fully paid for on Calvary but that was very costly: I believe we’re now responsible to do our bit before God’s Salvation kicks in”

“The scriptures never say man is responsible for anything: : Responsible means we had 100% control over all circumstances: We never have that down here: As they say , we are dealt a hand and we must give an account of how we played that hand!”

“I see! So eternity depends on playing that hand and God’s free offer of Salvation depends on us doing two things: Repenting of sin and asking him into our lives ”

“No: Eternity depends only on Christ: Romans 5:10 makes it very clear:”we were conciliated to God through the death of His Son” Read it carefully: God was conciliated (made friends) long before you or me did anything to repent or be baptised or answer an altar call or even ask Jesus into our lives”

“Are you saying that He actually means Free when He says Free: I  always understood it was totally free but even so you had to do this or that:”

“Does that make any sense to you or does it seem like gobble-de-gook?”

“Never made sense but you know not everyone is like you: We just go along with our leaders even though some things they say  don’t make sense at all”

“The Holy Spirit” in Ephesians 2:8 could not have put it any clearer: “For in grace, through faith, are you saved, and this is not out of you; it is God's free present”

“But if it’s totally free why are we not told that it is absolutely free?”

“We are told that again and again in scripture: Romans 6:23 says “For the wages of Sin is death, yet the gracious gift of God is life eonian, in Christ Jesus, our Lord. Remember in 2 Cor 5 how it tells us that God was in Christ reconciling the world and “not reckoning their offenses to them,” (2 Cor 5::19)

“What if you’re wrong and all the others out there are right? Surely the great preachers and leaders and founders of denominations knew more than you”

“I’m sure they were all fine people: But if I’m wrong then scripture is wrong! For what I’m telling you is written over and over on the pages of scripture”

“But what about repentance and baptism and asking God to change your life”

“Today God is graciously granting to those chosen (for now)  the gracious gift of Christ-faith:(Phil 1:29) Here is another  passage that is most intriguing :

-----Yet now, apart from law, a righteousness of God is manifest (being attested by the law and the prophets), yet a righteousness of God through Jesus Christ's faith, for all, and on all who are believing: ---------- (Rom 3:21ff)

When God decides to gift a person with Jesus Christs Faith then it comes neatly packaged up with repentance and abhorrence of all sin and it also comes with such light that ( Phil 1:29) not only are enabled to be believing on Him, but to be suffering for His sake also:”

“I’m still gobsmacked by you believing it’s all free: And that it’s God who decides who will be saved and not the person themselves: You must be reading this wrong: Every religion out there couldn’t all be wrong and all of them old and new say that man must do this and do that in order to be saved”

“Do you know maybe your’e right: Surely all of them are not blinded: Do you know what I should do?”

“I knew you would see sense: What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to start a campaign to tear John 1:13 out of every bible: “not of bloods, neither of the will of the flesh, neither of the will of a man, but of God”

“You can’t change what God has inspired by His Holy Spirit. Just leave it in but don’t pay any attention to it”

“No: Has to be done to fit in with all these religions and denominations”

“I don’t like what you’re at: And what will John 1:13 then  read ?”

“To the following God gives the right to become children of God, to people who are believing in His name, who had  the right parents and the right bloodline, People of strong will who wanted to become Christ like ones, or were convinced them by his own will will of a man and without God’s involvement”

“Are you serious”

“Absolutely not!: He who changes or interferes with the scriptures is calling down

Calamity on himself:But if man ideas about how to get saved are right then we would have to rewrite or abandon scripture: Neither of those two options are acceptable”


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