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chris carter
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Glenn Canady replied to chris carter's discussion This world is a hoax. It's a program simulation like in the movie "the Matrix".
"Sometimes I feel like this.  But what I think is that the world is real but we are playing our parts to change our future.  Those one this website are the ones that woke up and care enough about others to try their best to change things.…"
Jan 31, 2011
Glenn Canady replied to chris carter's discussion Masonry is filled with evil, fag, devil worshipping pedophiles. Avoid them at all cost.
"Great post. I realize that not all Masons are evil because many at the lower levels have NO IDEA the evil going on at the very top levels. Think about it, any organization that threatens members with death is NOT a good organization. They certainly…"
Oct 1, 2010
Glenn Canady replied to chris carter's discussion The US Government is such a fraud. It's all rigged.
"This is very true. It's all a game and they know who will be President many years in advance. I don't think we can trust any of the election machines in this country. They've all been corrupted and even the very latest ones can have a…"
Sep 29, 2010
chris carter received a gift from Pam Suggs
Sep 10, 2010
chris carter commented on Glenn Canady's video

Suppressed Health Secrets - Cures for Cancer, Aids, Herpes & Much More!

"I know this for a fact. This is the truth. The US government already has a cure for every single disease there is in the world but they are not giving it out to everyone. The world governments like to keep a certain amount of disease out in the…"
Sep 10, 2010
Glenn Canady left a comment for chris carter
"Chris, I'm sorry I didn't get over to your wall sooner but I wanted to thank you for ALL your great efforts at Project Nsearch. Your passion and dedication make me proud you are on our team! Good luck in this week's contest!"
Apr 16, 2010
Glenn Canady replied to chris carter's discussion Subliminal Hypnotic Messages
"That's why I gave up my cable TV and never listen to the radio. I have an iphone that I use to connect to Alex Jones' radio show and others so I only hear what I want to hear and now what the NWO wants me to hear. My life has never been…"
Mar 11, 2010
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Mar 5, 2010

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At 4:17am on October 17, 2010, chris carter said…
Most people don't understand how serious Masonry is. They are the masters of witchcraft and satanism. I can give you a disease by touching you. Just by shaking you hand or patting you on the back, I can put a disease on you. They have a trick where they can actually send diseases to people through emails. They have tricks where they can bring dead people back to life if they get to them within the first few days of dying. I can get into anyone's house. There isn't a jail that can hold me. The FBI and the US military trained from Masonry to train agents and soldiers. Masons didn't train under the military. The military trained from Masons. They can look like anyone. Some of them are speed readers, they have photographic memory, they train their members to remember everything they've ever heard word for word.

Masonry is very serious. It takes years of study and apprenticeship. It's pure evil, I try to avoid all contact with Masons.
At 4:04am on October 17, 2010, chris carter said…

I've seen so many Mason tricks that I don't associate with them at all. I no longer speak to any of my mason relatives.

Masonry is centered around satanism. You wouldn't believe the types of stuff I've seen them do.

I don't eat anything around them for fear that it's been poisoned. I don't go to anybody's house alone anymore. When you enter someone's place, you never know what trap they might have planned for you. Most businesses use a "open door" policy today. Masons were known for closing office doors and pulling their tricks on people in closed off rooms where no one could see.

Masons control everything from the police to the fbi to the white house. Don't think you're safe because the police are around. If you're connected to the right people, you can get away with anything. It's considered diplomatic immunity. I'm a member of the Masons and Skull & Bones. I could rape you in front of the police and I wouldn't even be arrested. This is the truth.

If they make you an offer to be a member, you usually must accept. It's considered an insult to turn them down and they may kill you for rejecting them. To be pledged into a secret society means that you have to be gangraped by all of the members.

They got tricks where they can hypnotize people in seconds with crystals. They have this pen. It looks like an ordinary red pen but when you click it flashes a light in someone else's eyes and it can instantly make you pass out. They are so connected in MD, PA, VA that the police won't arrest them.

I've seen Masons eat people. I'm absolutely serious. Some are cannibals. They torture people, they rape people, sometimes they rape kids. If they can't get you, they might threaten someone you love. I can get you to do whatever I want you to do by threatening your loved ones.

Don't ever go to any of their events or their houses. If I were you I would avoid contact with them.
At 8:26pm on April 16, 2010, Glenn Canady said…
Chris, I'm sorry I didn't get over to your wall sooner but I wanted to thank you for ALL your great efforts at Project Nsearch. Your passion and dedication make me proud you are on our team! Good luck in this week's contest!

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