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Evolution Debunked! Man Lived With Dinosaurs!

Look at the amazing examples of cultures who had first hand knowledge of dinosaurs!  We've been lied to again.  Dinosaurs did in fact exist with man at some point.  There's no other way to explain this massive evidence shown in this video.  If man existed with dinosaurs then evolution can't be true!  It all falls apart completely!  

Of course anybody who truly believes in God and his word already knows evolution is a total lie and God created everything.  Man didn't evolve from fishes or dinosaurs or apes.  Evolution is in reality the most ridiculous theory of all time.  What it basically states is that all life came from dirt and water.  Because that was all that was on Earth in the beginning - rocks, dirt and water.   Have you ever seen a tornado go through a junk yard and assemble a perfectly working 747?  Of course not!   The human body is a trillion times more complex than a 747!  The law of Entropy states that a system will always go from a state of order to disorder.  For example, steel beams rust into iron dust eventually.  Iron dust doesn't assemble itself into steel beams!  How could water and mud assemble itself into a human or even a fish or a paramecium?  It makes no sense if you truly think about it!   But it's the lie to get you to worship science and turn your back on God.  

I was foolish when I was younger because I got fooled into this evolution nonsense when I was studying science and engineering.  So don't beat yourself up too bad if you believed in the evolution lie when you were still young and dumb like me.  But if you still believe in evolution then you were fooled by satan's forces with the biggest lie of all!  It's time to wake up!  No use believing in Chemtrails or the Illuminati if you call God a liar.  Nothing else matters but knowing Jesus died for you!  We all stand before the throne of God at some point.  You don't want to be the one who says, "Sorry God they told me you weren't real!  They told me I came from a monkey!"  Doh!

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