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Video of German Flying Saucers in 1939! Wake Up and Rage Truth!


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Because of patriots like you reading this article and sharing it, our world is beginning to change!   I'm seeing more disclosure on Tel-Lie-Vision than ever before.  They have no choice!  Sites such as with it's uncensored content are absolutely CRUSHING the fake news on TV and radio!   I'm loving it!


It's time for patriots worldwide to increase our efforts and wake up even more people!  It's time to step on the throat of this satanic new world order that's kept us slaves and RAGE TRUTH!  I can sense cracks are starting to form and they're making more and more mistakes.  Fewer people are watching their fakes news and once people wake up they NEVER go back to sleep.  You don't suddenly start believing in Santa Claus again!  Once you learn the truth you want to tell others and we must all take it to the next level and savage this enemy now!  This is the time we must do more while Trump still has at least some control.  He's a wildcard!   He's not perfect and he makes mistakes but let's face it, he's the ONLY hope we got and if he doesn't get a second term we're in very bad shape!

Jeff Rense just posted two amazing short clips of German flying saucers restored from old film.  You'll see this footage in the video above.  Also included are many photographs of German flying saucers from the 30s and 40s!   This isn't fake and it isn't a Hollywood movie - it's REAL!   The first clip at the beginning shows a German flying saucer flying over a field while the second clip starts at the 5:30 mark in the video and is labeled "Haunebu Test Flight - Nazi Germany 1939!    This ties in with all the whistleblowers who claim Germany did have antigravity working in the 30s and went on to have bases on the Moon and Mars in the 30s and 40s!  They created a breakaway civilization and were aided by the demonic draco reptilian (fallen angel) "aliens".  Now the Germans and Americans as well as others are going all over the Universe apparently.   It took the US a long time to catch up to the Germans and who knows maybe we never did fully catch up.  Maybe we had a breakthrough and passed them up.  All I know for sure is that they've lied about everything to keep us thinking we need rockets to get into space.  Why would they do this?  Because if we knew we had antigravity in the 40s then this means we had free energy in the 40s and of course we did!   So they've been milking us for gasoline and electricity to keep us slaves basically no matter how you look at it.  Same reason they won't tell you Dr. Coldwell has has written about hundreds of cures for cancer in his book, "The Answer to Cancer"!   Extract as much money from each of us as they can and make sure we don't live too long is the name of the game!


From other sources we've been told there are now between 500,000 and a million Germans on Mars and I don't doubt this at all.  Sources now say the Germans were the ones who flew over the Whitehouse in the 50s in a show of force and forced governments of the World into a treaty where they were given access to all the governments and companies on the planet to help them build out their bases and ships in our Solar System and beyond.  


The Germans consider the Earth a captured planet and depict it with chains around it on their ships and bases according to Tony Rodrigues.  Tony says they bring down starships from orbit onto Diego Garcia at 3:00 am and load up with supplies.  He was on a German starship and they loaded up with weapons and military gear from the US at Diego Garcia in the dead of night when all personnel not on duty are told to stay inside!  Rodrigues was in charge of loading the equipment and one time the Diego Garcia guys told him, "Tell your Captain you guys are running up a big bill and need to pay up!".   So Tony relayed this to the Captain at the briefing on the ship afterwards and they all had a HUGE laugh about it!  Rodrigues didn't know at the time but the US military just loads up military gear and weapons for those German starships all the time at no charge!   It's all a big joke apparently!  Nothing wrong with working together but we're tired of being your slaves down here!  Stop these scam wars and give us the free energy and the antigravity and quit killing us with your big Pharma scams like vaccines with cancer viruses in them!   Free energy means unlimited food to feed the planet so quit lying and saying there are too many people.  There are less than a million people in my old state of Alaska which is two times larger than Texas!  It's time to green the deserts and also grow our food using free energy in massive skyscraper conveyer belt farms so little water is used and no insecticides at all needed!

Here on Earth we are constantly fed lies that we need rockets to get into space!   We are still kept as slaves burning oil when we haven't needed to since the 1930s!    The US Navy is said to have control of the very highest technology in our secret space program.  The US Navy Secret Space Program is far more advanced than the ships in the US Air Force Secret Space Program according to the whistleblowers out there right now.  William Tompkins confirms the US Navy dominance in the videos below.  He helped design some of their first starships.  Have you noticed how they are starting to leak more information now that sites such as BeforeItsNews are spreading the truth?    In fact, just this year the US Navy was granted a patent for antigravity!   This is the funny part - they say this doesn't mean it's been built!  Yeah Right!  They have fleets of starships up there that put the Enterprise to shame!  They go to the Moon in 1969 and didn't go back since the early 70s!   They told us because it was "too expensive!"   It's too expensive but it's okay we've spent $7 trillion on wars in the Mideast at least in the last couple of decades!  What a sick joke!


USS Enterprise - Our real starships put it to shame!  Do the Rothschilds and Rockefellers get go on these ships?

Why can't Captain Canady be in command like in Star Wars?  I couldn't believe when Captain Canady made his debut in the Last Jedi.  Tip of the hat to Lucas - guess he's a fan of Beforeitsnews ;)  "Fire all weapons at the Rothschild Command Base!"

Here's the funny part from the article in the fake news about the US Navy Antigravity patent.


‘This hybrid craft would move with great ease through the air/space/water mediums, by being enclosed in a vacuum plasma bubble/sheath.’ Although the US Navy applied for the patent in 2016 and it was granted last year, it doesn’t necessarily mean the craft has been built and tested. However, the technology is further evidence of the military’s interest in developing ‘exotic’ technologies.


Read more:

The US Navy secretly designed a super-fast futuristic aircraft resembling a UFO, documents reveal


William Tompkins - Discusses Our Secret Space Program and the German E.T Alliance.  Lots of good information in this one!


More history on antigravity they've been hiding from us!



Huge information revealed about antigravity and how they hid it from us in the two videos above.  Basically everything you've been told about our history and capabilities in space is a lie.  We haven't needed rockets to get into space for over 100 years!   We haven't needed to pay for electricity or to drive a vehicle either!   Nikola Tesla patented a flying saucer that used antigravity to move around back then!   But they can't tell you this because then you would want a flying car or something else they've been promising us for 60 years now!    Once you knew free energy was real, you wouldn't be happy getting ripped off for gasoline either or paying ever increasing electric bills either!


In the first video, a man who worked for RCA talks about how he was told in an office memo one of their engineers had just started flying around on an antigravity device!  They listed a document number for more information about the antigravity device.  When the man asked RCA management for more information and asked why are we still using rockets?  They told him the experiment failed and there was no document with that number anymore!  


Nikola Tesla had a working flying platform he flew around on over 100 years ago!  He also had a patent for a flying saucer type craft.


Otis T. Carr worked with Nikola Tesla.  He began making antigravity craft that did work.  The US government shut him down and stole all his material.  Of course they had much better technology they were already using!


Much more is covered in these videos!  Spread the word to everybody and boycott all liars and gatekeepers!  Everything we've been told on our televisions and by our fake news teleprompter readers is a lie!  Stop supporting any news source that doesn't cover suppressed energy, antigravity and suppressed health inventions because if they won't cover it they're controlled opposition!  They are your ENEMY and are paid well to keep you on the slavery plantation!   Stop listening to any news source telling you to blindly get vaccines without looking into side effects!   President Trump - We Love YOU and you're doing great overall but we will NOT take the poison vaccines for YOU or anybody else so go get educated!   We will NEVER comply with the vaccine scams!  Isn't it funny how desperate they are to inject you and your children more and more each day!   As if these monsters could even care about you and your health!   They want you dead but not until they drain you of the few bucks you've saved on their scam medical system that ignores all natural cures and ramrods Rockefeller garbage down your throat because it doesn't work and it's expensive!


Instead take a stand and make a difference and help spread truth by supporting uncensored sites like BeforeitsNews financially by purchasing great products like APeX which kept the inventor from even getting a cold for 16 years and counting!   You'll never hear about APeX from the fake news or controlled opposition!  Your Rockefeller trained doctor will never promote or use a natural product like APeX that prevented  the inventor from not getting even a cold for 16 years because THEN they couldn't have an excuse to inject you with cancer viruses, nanobots and whatever other slow kill weapons they're putting in the vaccines!   Sorry Deep State scum!  We know you've hidden antigravity starships, free energy and medical miracles so we're not going to believe ANYTHING you tell us anymore!  Your gig is up!  Get off our planet!  We're not going to be your docile slaves anymore.  Every day we wake up more people to your scams!  We KNOW What You Did!


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