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Proof We Have Starships In Orbit! The Biggest Secret!

John Lenard Walson has used a special telescope camera system he designed to zoom in and record large Starships in Earth's orbit.  Many of them are disguised as stars and only when you zoom into them do you see they are ships.   In the video above you'll see just some of what he's captured in orbit.  Are these ships from our secret space program?  Are some of them from the demon "aliens" also known as the fallen angels who pretend they made us and have access to high technology far more advanced than us?  

Joe Jordan has the proof that all aliens are demonic.  Not just some, ALL of them are demonic.   If you have any books or DVDs about aliens throw them in the trash to close the door to them.   The following information was censored by all the government controlled UFO conferences.  It's a big secret too and why they want to destroy and kill Christians.  As long as Christians live we can pray these alien demon scum away from us.  Every abduction stops when the name of Jesus is used to stop it!   I studied UFO's since I was probably 10 years old and never once did I learn about this little secret!   Joe Jordan was an atheist but God showed him the truth.  His video "Unholy Communion" seen below is excellent and should have 50 million views but of course it's censored from getting the big exposure.  Watch it and you'll never fear these alien dirt bags again!

I'm sure most of these ships and space stations being seen in orbit are of earthly origin which actually makes sense since Nikola Tesla discovered electromagnetic antigravity over 100 years now.  Tesla built a flying antigravity platform and patented a UFO saucer type craft too!   Insiders have said the US used antigravity in our own secret space program to first go to the moon in the late 50s and begin building Mars bases in the 60s.   Rockets were just a sham to hide the technology that would free humanity from a power bill!   The Germans went to space first according to the whistleblowers.  Germans formed a breakaway civilization before WWII ended and went to the Moon in the 40s and had a Moon base and Mars base by the 50s.  This German breakaway civilization considers Earth a prison planet and have pictures of it with chains wrapped around it on their ships and bases according to Tony Rodrigues who went to the German base on Ceres and was on several German starships.  Tony is very believable and makes no money from telling the story.  Does it make any sense that Tesla had antigravity technology working 100 years ago but yet we never used it and oh by the way we went to Moon with ancient rocket technology in 1969 and haven't been back since the 70s?   Does that make any sense to you?  If so, then you're a perfect illuminati slave!   Good slaves keep watching fake sports on TV and worrying about the latest iPhone.  Good slaves do what their Tel-Lie-Visions tell them and they always get all those vaccines your masters want you to get!   

Here's the testimony of Tony Rodrigues on the secret space program and the German breakaway civilization he served as a slave.  Here's just one story of many you can find on youtube.  Ceres was completely controlled by the Germans who have hundreds of thousands of people on Ceres and probably over a million on Mars!

There was a lot of truth to the campy movie, Iron Sky.   The Germans really did get there long before us with help from the demon aliens who they still work with for technology.

John Walson has also done some incredible videos of the moon also clearly showing massive artificial structures all over the place!  Clearly everything we've been told about the moon and the current state of technology is a lie.  We haven't needed rockets to get into space for a very long time but they keep lying to us so they can charge us for gasoline and energy.  It's all about keeping us on monthly payments and maintaining their control.  

Here's testimony of Gary McKinnon, a British hacker who hacked into the NSA and NASA.  Before he got busted, he viewed pictures showing US Starships in orbit!  He also found a list of Navy ships that were not ships on the sea but in space!  They were starships with names not existing anywhere.  He even found a list of "Non Terrestrial" officers.  So this evidence that we have starships in orbits comes from many sources including John Lear whose Dad invented the Lear Jet.  

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